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After Miss Universe, world prepare to one other major beauty pageants: Miss World 2011.

Miss World 2011 will take place from 10.19 to 06.11 days in London, England. Few days before the official opening contest, let's update the information about the candidates contesting this year: 

Miss Venezuela and India are very nice!

two powers of identity  as Venezuela and India are sent to candidates for the best in many years of them. The two names Sarcos Ivian of Venezuela and Kanishtha Dhankar India is emerging as the No. 1 candidate for the highest title.

Miss Venezuela Sarcos Ivian 22 years old, owns a beautiful face. She also owns the charm with the same standard of height 180cm and strong honeycomb skin. Venezuela crowned Miss World from the right a year ago (10/2010) should Ivian Sarcos had more time to prepare for this competition. Fans are eagerly waiting for the realization of one of the most beautiful Miss Miss's powers over the years in the Miss World competition. During the decade from 2000 to 2009, Venezuela represented less sharp than those in "to storm" before. Miss World was not until the period of last year, Venezuela has a new title runner 2. Many people believe that the most beautiful girls of Miss Venezuela contest Ivian Sarcos (and the title of Miss Best Face) was chosen Miss World contest rather than Miss Universe (held in September) is a decision that involved expected return to the spotlight in this country.

Like Venezuela, India in recent years to meet the crisis, "beauty" in the arena Miss World (actually India is facing serious problems than the candidates of their contests also very faint) . After the resounding success in the past, typically two consecutive Miss World crown in both 1999 and 2000, during the 2000's decade only one more Indian Runner 1 title in 2008. Last year and in recent years, they are not representative of the popular semi-finals reached (in 2001, 2004, 2007). But the outcome is likely to change in a positive way as this year's Miss India Kanishtha Dhankar she is a famous model in the country. Kanishtha Dhankar 22 years old, 177cm high beauty very own modern-looking.At the Miss India contest held in April, in addition to convincing win before the competition, she also took home the best possible solution Figure. With its striking beauty Kanishtha Dhankar is a formidable competitor in the Miss World this year!

It is interesting that both Venezuela and India are owned and five Miss World crown of the two wars this country was meant to take the lead early in each of the countries in this arena coronation.However, in addition to the two Miss Venezuela and India are many names that are beautiful and desire to win another as Miss Lee-Ann Forbes (Trinidad and Tobago), Amanda Vilanova (Puerto Rico), Natalia Gantimurova (Russian ), Anastasia Harlanova (Belarus) or Lindsay Japa (Cayman Islands) ... Miss World crown for anyone still waiting for questions to be answered in the finale to 6.11. Some candidates for the important title revealed a particularly in the Miss World contest in which women are 4 contest: Miss Beach (Beach Beauty), Miss Talent (Miss Talent), Miss World Sports (Miss Sports) and Miss Fashion (Top Model ) will select the winner to take the title with his Queen Nhan Ai (Beauty With Purpose)  in straight semi-finals (top 15 or top 20, 25 depending on year). With the implementation of this important section was included in the national competition, many potential candidates have been revealed. The contest this year will be extra competition is very attractive. The Miss Fashion (Top Model) is one of the "difficult" to represent the class demonstration of the beauty queen. Candidates will have the opportunity to show off their catwalk skills, ability to face as expressive performances in this competition. Of course, the top candidates for this award is the beauty queen with experience in modeling, fashion shows. Accordingly candidates Juceila Bueno(the title of Best Model of HH Brazil), Zhanna Zhumaliyeva (model with sharp beauty of Kazakhstan),Gillain Berry  (representative of Aruba each rated at Miss Universe in September) ... is the brightest names. In addition, candidates on 1m8 staging of the competition which is pretty much the beauties from Albania, China, Trinidad and Tobago ... also very noticeable.

Exam that is no less attractive Miss Beach (Beach Beauty). This is the hottest part of the Miss World contest when the girls will be able to breeze through the beauty of Bikini. The beauty prevailed in this contest is usually girls who have body balanced, strong and muscular. The Miss Gwendoline Ruais (Philippines), Amanda Vilanova (Puerto Rico), Kanishtha Dhankar (India) are all items won in the best shape of his country. Meanwhile, Miss Dominican Republic Marianly Tejada also encouraged fans to form firm and two very small, promising to explode in this contest.

Sports contest will be the competition but her love and has a knack in many sports. They are beautiful must have a dynamic, strong and agile. Among the contestants this year Sasha Joyce (Bahamas) and Pham Thuy Vi Victoria is our winner of this competition in the domestic competition. Also representatives of Bonaire is she knows a lot Benazir Charles sports such as volleyball, surfing, swimming ... In the talent show contestants will have the opportunity to showcase talent dancing, singing, presentations, virtual extremely rich art .... Beauty Vietnam Thuy Vi with singing musicals in the West Broad Way is preferred there will be more competitive in a semi-final ticket. Remember singing contest is won over and helped many candidates to the throne at the Miss World competition talent more recent period.

If the above four sub-award is determined early, the title of Queen of Human touch is unknown until the finale. The beauty of the country is trying to carry out charitable projects to be considered for award. Miss Jamaica Crosskill Danielle attended school for poor children taught at home. If the efforts of the jury her notes, the beautiful people are probably pretty face, this gentle re-establish the performance of a beauty queen from the Caribbean region at the Miss World 2008 had done. That year, Gabrielle Walcott of Trinidad and Tobago won the Queen's kindness and always won the second runner-up title in the surprise of many people. Both Gabrielle Walcott and Miss Jamaica this year are beautiful but modest height (1m69). Title Human touch the Queen if the depth value will put forward candidates won this deep in the top five, top seven is actually happening at the Miss World more recent period.

The other interesting information

there to four girls in her blood in the arena Philippines Miss World this year. That is the beauty queenRiza Santos (Canada), Maya Padillo Olesen (Denmark), Sierra Robertson (Guam) and of course Miss Gwendoline Ruais Philippines . Of these, Canada is a candidate HH had the Miss Earth 2006 and the MC of this competition in 2009. Miss Universe 2008 Miss Guam each project in Vietnam, this 18 year old girl and this year her comeback at the Miss World competition promises to bring many surprises.
Miss Philippines Canada is an original MC

5 beauties from Lebanon, Russia, South Africa, Belgium and Aruba in Miss Universe are expected in September but did not achieve anything. Miss South Africa Bokang Montjane alone is a familiar face at many beauty pageants, including Miss Earth 2007, Miss International 2009. With this Miss World contest, 24-year-old girl was the 04 / 6 pageants Greatest! Being rated among candidates the "old" Russia is probably HH Gantimurova Natalia . In fact the Russians were very confident when originally sent this girl but by the Miss Universe Natalia Gantimurova success should not be sending her the Miss World. Many hope the Russian beauty wins high achievers in the back this time, but some expressed concern for beauty seems not very smart of them to this. An expert Miss Universe has been tracking such as her comment when talking about the main reason for her failure.

Miss World contest will be the participation of more than 120 countries beauties. In the list of candidates, candidates may find this year's staging is very young, younger than Miss Universe. HH is the youngest contestant Snezana Kuzmanovic  of Bosnia and Hergovina. This year she has very beautiful face last 16 years. Last year, Miss Water is also a 16-year-old contestant! Bosnia and older HH Hergovina a bit as 17-year-old Miss El Sanvadol, Belize and Honduras. The number of candidates remaining mostly aged 18 to 24. Unlike the Miss Universe contest, the Miss World contest allows contestants 16, 17-year-old contest.
Miss Bosnia and Hergovina 16 years old

The country did not send the Miss World beauty that is sending the runner Albania (third runner-election), Vietnam (2nd runner-election), France (second runner-election). Meanwhile representatives of Mexico and Finland are replaced at the last minute because of their beauty not complete the task of a beauty queen or reject the national representative for the Miss World. As Miss Curacao Miss Universe would have been expected, but due to her age should have to wait until this time to Miss World contest. Go on 6 / 11, the new Miss World is defined but there is a message not happy with her good luck there. According to information from organizations HH Girbratal (home of Miss World 2009), Miss World 2012 will take place in July next year. Thus, this 61 th Miss World will have the shortest tenure in the history of Miss World. Miss Tan will only have less than 9 months living under a current position will be crowned Miss World and the sooner the former Miss World. This year's Miss World Finals took place the same day as Miss International contest-a large scale after Miss World and Miss Universe. Among the candidates may find it interesting on two HH Venezuela Sarcos Ivian and HH Puerto Rico Amanda Vilanova.  Both girls have quite the same beauty. Although Puerto Rico has the beauty HH cute while Miss Venezuela has the more attractive they can not deny almost two sisters. Surely confrontation of the two faces will promise many surprises, both are attractive because of the notable names.

Miss Venezuela (left) and Miss Puerto Rico (right)

Representatives of Vietnam Pham Thuy Vi Victoria

Particularly representative Victoria Vietnam Thuy Vi  is the 5th consecutive runner we sent to the Miss World competition since 2007. In 2007, Miss World Vietnamese Ngo Phuong Lan Miss World because he refused to attend school, in 2008 Miss Thuy Dung problems have not graduated from high school scandal, in 2009 due to the organization and last year's Miss Nguyen Ngoc Kieu Khanh beyond Miss Ngoc Han present to represent the Miss World competition in 2010. This is showing a lack of professionalism of Vietnam with the Miss World contest. Remember that as HH Vietnam Mai Phuong, Nguyen Thi Huyen Mai Phuong Thuy and are highly acclaimed and won at the Miss World 2002, 2004, 2006. Since Vietnam is the Miss World runner-election only because Huong Giang played the last birth was excellent in the semifinals. This is what we think is worth!
The strength of the Sports Thuy Vi

One other interesting information about representatives of Vietnam Pham Thuy Vi Victoria. The last time Miss World was held in London in 2002. Miss Vietnam that year it also coincides with Vi Thuy Pham Thi Mai Phuong HH reached top 20 most beautiful in the first we attended. Vietnam is also a very successful national competition in the beauty contest held in Europe. 2006, Mai Phuong Thuy in the top 17 Miss World in Poland. Meanwhile supranational competition HH the organization in 2009 and 2011 in Poland also included two representatives TOP reached top 15 and Nguyen Thu May 3 runner for the title! Hopefully the coincidence and luck will follow Thuy Vi at Miss World contest this year. The chance of Thuy Vy are located more in the second contest and Talent Sport as analyzed above. Let's monitoring and support for Vietnam as well as beauty 120 other beauties in the 61 th Miss World contest . The beauty that will take over, we'll see! Order: 2Sao

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