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The hot girl has pretty good learning

The girl has proved one thing: not every girl is hot ... Poor school!
Until now, those who work in the arts is very difficult to complete their work while maintaining a good academic results. Meanwhile, more and more hot girl again appeared to represent "perfect beauty", "cute girl", so the words "have no financial identity" gradually be assigned to a hot girl her. But now, demand for a hot girl "almighty" - that is not beautiful but also quite educated - increasingly high. Even academic achievement is also used to judge and evaluate each time a beautiful girl that everyone called the "hot girl". For example, a new girl in broth round face, charming smile, even with special singing, but immediately her teen ... pulled down, because her grade point average of only 5.4. The reputation of her tragic decline, even when asked her name "hot girl they" had to repeatedly press a few pages that is, the more you just laughed softly, shaking his head a short underground.

Obviously, people no one is perfect. But, have a "hot girl", do not require the "financial perfect beauty", but at least, outside appearance "glitter" lovely, her transcript will not be allowed too bad.Hot girl in our world, there are many famous people have to study well. The following evidence will prove that: "Not hot girl now, everyone just looks without a" head "  as many of you said!  

His popularity here means a passion for her career this hot girl. We can say, Midu is one who helps the word "hot girl has no financial identity" is greatly reduced, by the academic board "harsh glare" of his.Even now, if you search "hot girl good student" is going out a lot of information about Midu.

During 12 years of white school, assuring table Midu achievement of gifted students. Then she parked two university departments with two Asian titles HCMC Architecture University with 25.5 points (Portrait Drawing: 8.5; Painting Decorating: 8.5; Office: 8) and Prime Department of Culture Arts colleges HCMC in 2007 with 29.5 points. In addition, she also won many other awards from competitions at the school. Supermodel Xuan Lan also been voiced praise: "Midu is a talented girl" of that! 

However, Midu chose to develop his career at a very early. From grade 11, she has participated as a model for the teen newspaper, in 2007 to become the face of competition Hotvteen. From there, start your Midu teen love and is also beginning to work as a model, MC ... Recently, she was filming again. Perhaps by encroaching too much anger, so he has time Midu feel his strength could not afford.She had reserved her studies at a time to focus development work. And right after he's done, Midu to return to her role of a student. Knowing the priorities chosen in the time to choose. But never give up learning Midu. 

Miss Teen Xuanzang: The school is passionate 

Unlike Midu, Miss Teen 2008 Huyen Trang has a rather special choice that many people have to feel nostalgia for a "Miss Teen" - that is focused on learning. Just one hot teen girl is the most popular Vietnamese, Xuanzang brought a gentle beauty, not fussy, love the simplicity. She was a hardworking girl born with admirable achievement tables. Is well known, but stay away from the Huyen Trang floodgates again, out loud, that clearly define what is learning, what is your job. 

People often see her appear on the page or the report with a schoolgirl's outfit rather than the colorful dresses. That proved enough she loves her studies like. Last year, Ms. Page was chosen as the face of Vietnam photographic maps issued by the university, the contest "National Professional Skill" specialized restaurants in Hanoi. Compounding the problem, she having won a full scholarship to study in Luxembourg and will be prepared to hit the road on this in October. It is known that for a scholarship, Ms. Page to suspend the work of a hot girl, spend more time learning English and French to support their learning later in foreign countries. When deciding to leave, many people expressed regret for having to temporarily away Xuanzang his image as a full Miss Teen shine. But anyway, this is her choice.

During this contest the National Professional Skill, title page was Yan Can Cook kitchen for constant praise there!

Talking is so because most people know the perspective of a Mie consumption the rich, beautiful, talented and above all, art is a "fashion star" - a hot girl hit. With looks and talent like that, people do not seem too "inspired" to learn the story of Mie (Mie sake too "shine" and that). Even at Mie also bring about shared learning on the report. Perhaps people think that a talent like her then ... no need to study well, then multi-zi-power too! Ah, then many people will have to "fall back" to learn that academic achievement of the Mie-type "crisis" push!

As an outstanding student at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City International School - ISHCMC ) with the training program  International Baccalaureate (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program - IBDP ), learning entirely in English, Mie has successfully completed the course last year with the score 6 / 7 (highest 7 / 7) for the subject drama, mathematics, English and Spanish. Also subject of her English is always the highest ranked class. Mie said, the standard English are native, have you ever reached 107/120 TOEFL iBT - the dream of many students in Vietnam. 

Many people believe that a person Mie "conditions", the international school is a small story obvious. But in many ways to say, Mie is truly a talented girl! Mie learning always offer a very high goals can not be ignored, but always striving to be spiritual. Typically in the transcript 6 / 7 last year, Mie really not happy at all, because the original intent to reach 7 / 7. So this year, Mie myself to myself harder to be able to fulfill this goal.

Mie identified as the main learning and will definitely be going to study in the future to develop their learning.

Also an impressive face each should participate in 2009 Miss Teen Coc Ly easily get attention. During the last three years, no one any news of her. Turns out, she is hard to study abroad as soon as Miss Teen contest.

Coc Ly's records that you have many admirers. From level 1 to level 2, she has kept good student achievement of the school. When to level 3, Ly the U.S. decision to expand their knowledge. In particular, Ly 2 cup at a time to learn that the North Myrtle Beach Christian School and Topsail High School. Within a year, she learned all 16 subjects of the two schools and meet all the Straight A, not to mention her point of mathematics is always 100. But after receiving scholarships in the UK of the Wakefield College, Coc Ly learning to move here for rarely has a good chance like this!

To date, three years living alone in foreign countries, to pursue their own learning path, sometimes Coc Ly also remember and regret that those days lived in Vietnam. "Learning here is not to Coc Ly MC, photography, advertising, or role in a movie, instead, every day Ly to fend for his life ... But think again, Ly found himself big then, because the benefits can not or immediate pleasure but forget to strive for the future. So even Coc Ly itself is not so sure if they stay in Vietnam if he is successful on that path or not. Ideally, choose a definitely way better. " - Coc Ly said.

The hot girl on proved to be both beauty and talent. This is also a common standard for the "hot girl" today, by which hot girl is the model for other teen girl, not only to learn that pretty well and have extensive knowledge count

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