Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Recently on the size of the magazine publishing world has a picture of Miley Cyrus obesity phèo smoke in the party with friends. One of the photos captured scenes Miley filter device used to smoke. Even on her face of her happy smile anymore. It is known that this incident happened in the disastrous dinner at the home of Miley in Los Angeles on 28 months ago.
Miley caught while using the filter for smoking
When this issue was widely distributed, many people were shaking their heads with Miley short underground. People even compare that Miley is both copies of the "super-stirring" Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan anymore. But just look over the "lifetime" of her small to large, we will easily understand why Miley has days like today.
Street life is too easy
Often, at the age of many stars Miley Cyrus struggled to earn a living, people also got into showbiz but little success. But with Miley, 13, was famous throughout the world, with blockbusters Hannah Montana. His father was the main sponsor, the path to cover her with Hollywood's full of roses and ... dollars.
16 years touring around the world with songs in Hannah Montana This drama is also made into films and the cinema. She had millions of fans around the world chatter, a property owned behemoths, are wearing beautiful dresses shimmering, beautiful clock or go to the dance party full of stars in Hollywood.
Slender like a princess at the party
Also during his 16th birthday, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray also announced a donation of raw studio fully equipped with modern up to millions of dollars. Success followed success too early like that, try asking why Miley does not soon "decadence"?.
The missteps on the top of glory
Compared with peers such as teen star Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato or Justin, Miley Cyrus, the name seemed to be seated, "aired on" more. Sand will remain higher than her, Miley Cyrus plays the movie and also more pictures of Miley attract more readers than ever.
Dress faux pas offensive.
In line with the glory that is the wrong decision than that of the teen star fame. Miley loves you too soon: 14 years old dating Nick Jonas (members of the band Jonas Brothers), 15 dating model Justin Gaston, 17, is the girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth. The culmination of the love story is too early leads Justin Miley home to live with his family. Although Miley's parents did not claim both in the same room together, but without people, what they do, then who does he take control of it?.
Miley Cyrus and more gay kiss scandal.
Do not stop the love story and not an end quickly, Miley Cyrus also made fans hot eyes with nude photographs and photographic faux pas. The pictures that are scattered with breakneck speed and Miley have officially apologized to the fans. Also photos Miley dress immodestly inconsistent with age or obesity phèo Smoking is also one of the points except the ugly of this beautiful girl.
Responsibilities belong to whom?
Can say the role of the family played an important part in shaping the style and personality of a person. Miley is no exception. Unfortunately only too clear her parents in teaching children, so that Miley sa growing momentum on the path that nobody wants to witness.
Miley needs much further redress from their own family.
Even the girl's godmother - Country music star Dolly Parton is also known that doctors have to say that Miley is worried about losing control and create bad image for the fans. Recently, the parents divorced Miley Cyrus has had somewhat negative effects to the way she's behaving this.
Does Miley will become a real star, or just ... this comet?
Vietnam still has his sentence, "birth parents, the god." Miley will continue to be a bright star in the sky or art gone largely depends on the will and fortitude of her friend. By the time Miley was 18, still very young. Beautiful future is still in front, but Miley is really needed someone there to correct from the beginning.
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