Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Elly Chen and think of the "knife" for 1?

She has a very terrible past has been revealed about the "pristine" of its fiery body. But there is a "clue" that many skeptics ...

Elly always hot and provocative with bikini photos. The attraction of this young girl has a ring of a lady, but take baby face of an angel. In short, the lady also friendly baby face.
Many questions about the use of cutlery for the past one had to be suppressed when Elly official voiced. Capital has the innate, natural capital is the ....
But netizens believe it would be impossible for the "great" ring a Elly's unusual. And most recently appeared a set of photos, pictures supposedly "ancient" by Elly. If it is true that Elly story "lift" the next one is real.
Images to be "past" by Elly, in the image can be seen within one's modesty.

No one circles that this girl's face there are many other points at Elly

But these are hot pictures of Elly Chen now:

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