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5 hottest teen girl .......... 2010

They did not stop to admire the flowers but they also know the flavor shine. Elly Chen, Bao Tran Midu ... or is out of a sheath and beautiful girls to assert themselves with art.
Elly Chen
Elly Chen was born in 1987, well known household clusters within a terrorist network by no less Glass Top. Elly was born in the U.S. and China take two blood - Vietnam, caused a stir in 2009 Elly online community through the first round of photos showing sexy. But not until 2010 Elly Chen really become a model advertising is more expensive as well as director of Vietnam to the eye for his role.
If an objective review, the Sai Gon girl does not have many advantages in terms of looks, her face does not really stand out, but within an endowed advantage has led many advertisers Elly limits in China, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand ... now she is looking for more names on the Internet in some Asian countries.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
Elly Korean newspaper
First, Korean newspapers Elly was discovered and special attention. She was invited to take a photo book, released earlier this year. Korean press is impressed by the beauty of light as well as hot body, on its pages online South Korea, Elly is presented as a model with a sexy natural beauty. The pictures of Elly sensational first Korean newspaper last year.
Shortly after causing effects in Korea, Elly continued to press China to Italy, she received an invitation to take a picture book about Shanghai, join multiple programs and multiple channels of communication are direct interview here problem.
In Hong Kong and Taiwan, Elly was invited to make photo books in the past 11 month. This picture book will be widely distributed in many countries: Taiwan, China, Japan and the U.S. ...
Also in Hong Kong, Elly was filming for the TVB television channel and get paid to do as many cards Starcard other Hollywood stars.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
And hot on the Taiwanese press time
Popular in Asia but Elly end of last year really was more interested in directing Vietnam. She repeatedly invited to play the movie, two movies in theaters are preparing Ghost School and Saigon Yo! Currently she is undertaking her role is quite heavy in the drama  The toxic girl motherhood itself.
This last December, Elly will continue to return to Taiwan to continue to work shooting the ad, then she will fly to Thailand to make the image ads for a company car.
Famous for its round like a terrorist, but Elly Chen Shui Top Glass Top overcome with large advertising contracts as well as the role of heavyweight. Upcoming Elly also singing and production plans.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
Bao Tran 12-year-old model
Bao Tran became a model phenomenon of Vietnam by the time she owned a face and a perfect body at the age of 12. Bao Tran office promised to 1m72 in height and fullness to the body, of a plump young woman, she soon impressed when performing wedding dress collection with the elder, sister-known in fashion circles.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
Bao Tran impressed with the beauty of the bride 12 years on the catwalk
With beautiful natural body, pretty face, in the morning, Bao Tran has become a hot teen sensational netizens and attracted much attention.
She has been identified as an element of novelty, new wind in the fashion of the past year and also face the prospect smoking ads with the label for young people. The future of her girls grade 7 will also open in the coming years.
Although not performed much since Bao Tran had to go to school, only performed in a few fashion shows but she caused a stir online community in China. Page 163 is an electronic newspaper of China's famous series of pictures published Bao Tran's life and full of praise for the sweet smile and her beauty and clarity of this teen model.
Quickly conquered the hearts of the young, so new though so famous Bao Tran has faced several scandals such as hot images revealed suspicious incidents reveal the last row on the catwalk. This is actually the no small scandal to a new girl is 12 years old.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
Photos of the bride 12 years old Chinese newspaper network
In the hot girl in the Midu Sai is the most prominent names. The media attention last year by just pretty good at learning, she soon was lured into the entertainment industry with advertising contracts as well as the role interesting, so reservations must Midu results at school University of Architecture.
Ahead of the title are the only hot girl beautiful girl, Midu impress the opposite was in the clever, intelligent, speaks very "smart" ... is not empty, bland as many girls Other nice.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
2010 can also say a successful year as she has a lot of Midu breakthrough in the field of movies. Midu also face many ads for youth brands, she also did not hide themselves in the shop cars of the money they earn.
Lane touching film with roles in films for teens angels in white by director Le Hoang, Midu still reveal more acutely as well as the first fledgling film. But not until she tangled her hair, she was director Nguyen Minh Chung entrusted the lead role is quite heavy. In the more than 100 television series episode, she has the chance to play with the actors, and she also had a makeover to become her stubborn, Midu different from real life images.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
Maternal Child Phuong Trinh
Famous with her role as a child at age 8, nearly ten years living with art, the equation has nearly 40 roles, large and small ... but not until late 2010 a new image of the equation is actually negative deep skepticism when she intends to sing and production.
Every school has just acting, the equation involved in many roles in television this year, such as: The single parent, Lady in school ...
Phuong Trinh current formal contract with the music companies Avatar, where she has many opportunities to develop their musical path. With the MV made in recent years, the equation is not only known as a child actor she is to assert themselves on the road singing.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
Mai Chi
She was student of Interior Design, Hanoi Open University coast with sharp quick random movie was going through a casting film with friends. She was grabbed as soon as the director is on the journey La La's role as the quarter-10A8.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
Although only involved role in the movie Fantastic Four 10A8 but surpassing Phan Linh - starred in the film, La La Mai Chi impressed by teenage audience pretty face and natural acting style. Even when Thuy Anh and increase knowledge of Japanese to leave the quarter-10A8 , the Mai Chi was retained and became the protagonist of the second. Despite being a small-town girl, but far pagan image of the girl Quang Ninh is no stranger to television audiences in the country.
Not only in the teen roles, Mai Chi also assumed the role in the movie Princess Thuan Hoa Tran Thu. Chi Mai now challenged as an MC, along with Midu, she is the face Czech for his company.
Born in 1990, but Mai Chi to find myself a girl full of bravery, the amount of their salaries, Mai Chi recently bought an apartment in Hanoi. This is a remarkable effort of Quang Ninh, a girl was 20.
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010
5 teen girl hot nhất 2010

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