Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feet long 12 years since "lots" to the ultra-thin

The arrival of this future model years old, has attracted the curiosity of
many people with the shipment on the catwalk

Presence in the night fashion show style, teen model Bao Tran became the center of attention of everyone around, by a large body flares as a mature woman.
The costumes look youthful and graceful, long legs that viewers can hardly believe that her new sixth-graders are, and what is even more remarkable than the clothes show Bao Tran, have half the clothes are super thin, revealing a sexy round and immaturity of a girl 'first great age' has been the 'heart of the stories  talk of the recent past . "

The ultra-thin sets reveal clear bra inside

Bao Tran and dress like girls (Photos 24H)

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