Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vietnamese beautiful star-bad with trendy leopard prints

Leopard prints trend was quite a "familiar face" with the fashion. Thin chiffon shirts, tight skirts, long skirts or pants in leopard prints are all popular, because they not only create impressive point for the style of the wearer, but also can make you enormously fashionable and stylish. 

However, applying a vignette-style fashion is not always easy. Leopard prints as stand alone and still very strong personality, so it only with simple items and other neutral tone. The matching leopard outfits way too fancy or flashy sometimes can make you look good "mercurial" and even premature aging.

Trends leopard prints dress young Vietnam was updated in recent years, and during the whole of 2011 so far, this type of pattern has actually created the "fever". And the pioneers in the use and spread this movement no one else, is why Vietnamese home. 

But why do not mix well with a mild stable map! There are many star encounter errors that we get through the door with a leopard skin outfit here. The same "dark ray" view of how stars bad-nice with this pattern do?

Famous for its natural beauty and femininity, but  Tang Thanh Ha  still looks with character leopard dress is not it!

That's because she has a very reasonable combination leopard dress with style youthful elegance with metallic accessories, and how to make up and hair style is simple but still very attractive slide!

The sexy and personality of  Thanh Hang  is "too fit" with leather and paper! She looks so luxurious when combined with leopard fur coat dress ...

... and "sexy" and attractive with full Leopard skirt cut back, hugging.

Young leopard chiffon dress with her hair loose and natural.

Ngoc Thach  gout fashion show subtle differences when combined shoulder metallic dress in leopard prints with pink high heels nude.

The long leopard dress with tight body and legs spread wide skirts ...

... or wrong feet sawn sexy maxi dresses, combined with clothing and accessories are made ​​of iridescent sparkle Ngoc Quyen  became magnificent.

Page Nhung  was also drawn to leopard dress "semi-closed half-open" is.

Ministry jumsuit would look more fashionable if  Nhung page  does not incorporate additional round black beads and flashy red flowers set.

The dress is too short for the collar "over it", adding that the installation continues to be red flowers that are not related  Nhung page  looks a bit "flashy" and did not very subtle!

Strapless dress with leopard pretty much flex in the waist so fancy as  The Russian ...

...  Khong Tu Quynh ...

... and  Snow Jade . However, while the third looks very beautiful in the harmony and elegance to make up a reasonable  Jade Snow  looks back slightly "homophobic" when using lip color is too dark and blue lenses.

Phi Thanh Van  still maintaining style "shock" the familiar. From hair, to make up for the wrong cut dress with attached stone jewelry are too cumbersome, nor flashy trendy at all!

Sam features a strapless yellow dress in leopard prints, harmony with legs spread black dresses with youthful clutch and ton-sur-ton outfit.

Meanwhile  Kelly  chatter when the legs mix leopard prints a short skirt with attached bow strapless black dress.

Choose to mix with tight shirt + skirt leopard, but the red shirt of  Midu  seem that all of her clothes did not look like a reasonable and fashion of  Kelly .
Thu Thuy  stylish t-shirts on the street with leopard skirt and leg-hugging leather mixed bunch.

Mai Khoi  audience "shocked" when the leopard pants with shirt mezzanine "road map" as the abdomen.

Duong Ngoc Yen  youthful with offset shoulder leopard dress and hat.

The leopard print bra by  Jennifer  jeans when mixed together would make her younger ...

... is associated with high-level indecent slacks.

Various Artists  - artist "lifestyle" entertainment first or second in Vietnam was not lost items trendy leopard prints.

Costumes life of  Hoang Yen  becomes more prominent with chiffon dress in leopard prints. She also combines real food ideas with skinny jeans and a brown paper bag skin tone blue impression.

But beauty is also frequently encountered errors when mixing map too much advantage of array patterns on the clothes ...

... or choose the style and color too old.

Vu Thu Phuong  , the mistakes of the hair. The sophisticated styling of the food she does not enter to do with personality and charm of leopard dress.

Truong Ngoc Anh  map application mix formula "standard" with leopard prints, creating a very luxurious appearance and fashion.

Singer  Tina Conditions  choose dresses with dirt-picky details, but along the way make up hairstyle simple, reasonably good looks make for more harmonious.

Singer  Liu Xiang Jiang  featuring long coats in leopard prints.

Both  Thai Ha ...

... and  Tra My Idol  are selected for their pink leopard dress. However, cotton material and style a bit "scruffy" makes this dress looks a bit like ... clothing at home.

Leopard skirt bright blue tone certainly always difficult to combine. And so  Ngoc Diep  also inevitably evolving into "chameleon" when using color make up and flashy accessories.

Truc Diem  looked more gentle and subdued, with green leopard dress, leopard bag but with hair slightly brown "coconut" is not some "food type" with this dress too prominent.

Miss  Huong Giang  also encounter errors on your hair like  Vu Thu Phuong .

Do not use but leopard dress "somewhat" difficult to combine, however  , Ho Ngoc Ha ...

... and  Minh Hang  to use accessories such as towels or clutch style was highlighted for his costume a little push!

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