Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scores on the super hot girl is "cute" even without makeup

Suddenly she's as we are all very "cute" though no makeup gently.

No one denied the "strength" of the make up strong enough she can turn a "duck" ugly into a beautiful princess as a swan. But after many articles "expose" the truth behind each other beyond imagination thick layer of makeup there, the more on the beauty of the hot girl in China has made many people wonder "whether the facts is ... true appearance ", then accidentally pulling her under our hot Vietnamese girl was" and spread ".

The pictures make people shocked "strength" of the make up.

However, the Vietnamese girl she's hot we absolutely do not like where my friends. Some hot girl as Mie, Quynh Chi, Tim Titus, Bao Tran, Linh Rin ... usually update their photo hobby in the early morning or no make up at all on their own Facebook and get very good responses. Although you did not look the sparkling party or when going out, but instead is a radiance, lovely  there. You go along we've tested over the following few images slightly.

A. Andrea kept beauty extreme "West" and in light

Andrea West, who was so even without makeup, she still kept a very luxurious beauty. Plus, brown eyes, his deep attraction has more to attract Andrea.

The advantage of Bao Tran is having a smooth skin, big round black eyes, the coin has 2 knobs when extreme conditions smile. Usually Bao Tran does not make up too dark, so that you always look natural and "blow-believe" in style.

3. Miss Teen Diem Trang did not change much

The page you have noticed Diem make up or not though are still not very pretty and sparkling? It appears from her property is already round face, red lips and very photogenic nature again.

4. Hoai Anh Mango elected lovely face traumatic stress disorder

Hoai Anh Mango also offers a similar feature at the top with a hot girl faces elected traumatic stress disorder. When makeup, Mango Eye Liner focused it more than the depth and glitter.
Five. Spirit Rin features natural red lips

Spirit Rin very confident with red lips of his nature. With no make up, many still think that lipstick but you actually have no soreness.

6. Mie with lovely sparkling eyes

Mie smile every time, you will see in your eyes that have a little something quite sad. But his eyes did accidentally cause you to attract more here! White skin is also one of the advantages of MIE when no makeup.

7. Quynh Chi with high nose "is unmistakably"

Quynh Chi very often decorated with the nature of the work, but the house is only with the clear right to protect their skin. Many of you also admire the high nose of Quynh Chi. Because it makes her look more prominent and also the vapor-west.

8. Tim Titus of the beauty "doll"

Tim Titus was sweet and innocent, cute even without makeup.

9. My Miss Teen Talk more attractive after makeup

Due in Hanoi, it is available Thao My skin is very light, but his eyebrows are not dark. Should the make up, press a little on my brow makes Thao become much more attractive. Talk America also share outside of work is always trying to keep his face so that the most natural cosmetics for fear of affecting the skin.

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