Friday, February 10, 2012

Ngo Thanh Van have to retreat for hours before the 'scene'

Embark on "The house in the alley", whether hot or cold scene, who "women" are carefully discussed with the director, then retreat to focus sometimes for hours before the shooting.

- Temporarily leaving music, how she felt?
- Once again I must say that Van has never left the music (laughs). Van still sing and make money from its own songs. And Van also revealed that he is going to have a new project in music this year. Hoping to satisfy everyone.
- What about the movie goodbye two years, have you ever seen Me?
- Film is always in and around Van, the fact that there is no "goodbye" at all. If you score, we can still see Van criterion is two years as a film and video quality is. From  Rebel  to  trap the dragon  as well as two years, sir! Two years seems a long time but still be surrounded by so much that we can not count the time from companies VAA, the band 365 to the annual charity project  Scar of life ... Furthermore, with Van now appear to be less but would rather invest and have a meaningful work to the audience to remember than to appear to satisfy rampant nostalgia for its own audience bored.
- The reason that brought her back with a film project psychological horror film?
- There is no reason any more convincing character roles. Talk character is truly a challenge and Van who always loved the challenge. Who art that should be searched, creativity and overcoming challenges is a happiness. Van Thao experience has never been there before and that is why Van confirmed, an independent film project after review.
Ngo Thanh Van shaping of the  house in the alley.
- Do you have or casting director "of the face, only the name" for the role Thao - the wife of "The house in the alley"?
- The script was sent to Van and everything that happens as a natural. Still love this role and then discuss the meeting. We can say precisely, the two sides are joined Van and directed investors, find each other across a good script. So happy for that.
- Honestly, she has been obsessed character Thao out of school back home? 
- Yes! Still haunted by what Thao experience, with a horrible woman. And during filming, Van is Thao. The pain, it also strikes get around Van Thao. At that time, or take a picture of Van Thao home. In the opinion of all, it's about time Van looked quite "scary" (laughing).
 How long can she escape from the obsession of this role?
- To overcome the shadow of Thao, Van also spend a few months time to focus on other things and travel to "temporary" his spirit.
Scenes of the Ngo Thanh Van and Tran Bao Son has attracted special attention from the public right from the film was not yet opened.
- The  scenes in the film with Chen Bao Son  has made ​​you feel embarrassed?
- With Van, the scene is not necessarily shy, but a challenge. The  house in the alley , though scenes are hot or cold Van meticulous discussion with the director, then retreat to focus sometimes for hours before the shooting. And Van also hope people will to pay more attention to other segments of their energy-consuming, sweat and blood of ê-team Van and more than a few minutes "scenes" are inherently more stories just to increase the logic.
- She felt his actor friend -  Chen Bao Son  is like?
- Anh Son is a professional. So lucky to find your place, as directed by good script to ease my best contribution to this film. We can say, with a  house in the alley , the first Van "thick headache and tear" to self- discover the hidden corners of the land took her through the turbulent interior of Talk.
- If to compare with her costar previous food ideas - Johnny Tri Nguyen - who more than anyone, she thought between the gentleman?
- (Laughs) Every person carries a color, personality and personal highlights. Still contact each person in each situation should not be more poorly defined. With Van, you took a large part of the movie and every movie or every story, Van tries to breathe at the same pace with the character so that there are different incarnations. And the wealth that the enzyme helps Van forget all to "living dead" with his character.
Ngo Thanh Van thought about the kids and she's not afraid to become single mothers.
- Her character in the film were not so lucky though mother kept the child. In reality, Ngo Thanh Van has no desire to motherhood?
- Risks have been thinking about the kids. Desire is not so strong now still dominated by passion and too busy. With Van, motherhood is not only the birth of a child, to buy food or clothing. That it is a responsibility to carry through, to do so to divide part of his life for me, like a tattoo can not delete a medal or not removable from the jacket. To donate to the part of all is the greatest thing my mother's that Van has learned from his mother.
- She is afraid to single motherhood?
- Risks do not mind that role. Van does not mind the future as each new day, each Van to happen to help this one to experience life more fully.
- Do you ever set yourself a certain limit, such as: "The New Year can not find the" prince on a white horse, "I will become a single mother"?
- If Van set "deadline" for its nearly that time they must give up everything, dive dive worried look "white horse prince", or thinking about to turn yourself into her hospital u? It's not like Van! Van who is not afraid to challenge, therefore also not afraid to have time to order a "date" that.
- She is beautiful, charming and personality but still do not have to berth. What do you think is why?
- Risks not picky, but the truth is it seems like people think no one should select reasonable?Actually, you know, the thought: "She's beautiful, charming personality, strong ..." a barrier of people's wedding was full. Well for "athletes" that are turned over so barricades.
- After "The house in the alley," Ngo Thanh Van is there to talk softly and diving takes im thin film in the dark with no or few years she has made exciting new project?
- This is also dependent on promises the script coming? I still think it is time to choose the quality is increasing for each occurrence. Anyhow, Van ngup nor silent or diving anywhere.By following this film is a busy 2012 with the annual charity project  Scar of Life 3 - The heart of glass , its own musical path, new directions for 365 and the business. All are very promising and Van hope will soon be sharing with you.

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