Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lady is smoking drug

Pop star Lady Gaga is always proved straightforward in all matters, including sensitive stories such as smoking marijuana. She admitted to smoking marijuana now she is, especially when sitting composition.
Gaga drug use from 6 years ago.
Although acknowledged bad habits, but Poker Face singer does not want young fans to try this drug because it is an illegal drug. "I do not want to encourage young people to try drugs. When telling the truth is, of course people will see my left hand, but the important thing I wanted to prove to the fans that I am not a liar and never hide the bad habits of own. "
Last year, GaGa, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta said she started using drugs six years ago when they left school halfway through music at the University of New York.
But the singer insists Born This Way drugs work well to her music, although it can also negatively impact the lifestyle "drugs help me have inspired composers and find out a lot of period tone, saying to his new work. Some people find inspiration while sitting in the dark and I, too, but other people in that I have a little marijuana. "
According Xzone / SS

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