Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 things to avoid when dating teengirl .....

Remember to avoid these unfortunate mistakes that teen nhé!

Many teens suffer from the disease, "cutting the wind" too far, even in the dating do not forgive! Whether you want to create a strong impression with the "object" then you should also know its limitations, not everything is done too, or "painted" to be more colorful. Keep in mind that sincerity is the most important thing to start a relationship.

Dating multiple people

Although this error is not very popular but also have to mark it on the list of don'ts teen nhé! May be because you want to have more "choice" for his half, but you know, the psychology that creates "standing mountain in the mountains it" there.

Listen to more advice

Often, when asked, will people in the less "enlightened" than the outside in a certain angle. Friends and relatives can give you advice on how to strengthen the relationship between two people but never "three to" ruin the love of sisters! Please consider any advice is really good for you.

Excessive impulsivity

Many cases the pair broke up because of teengirl impulsivity and know. There are cases such as L to break up the love after meals party just because his birthday earlier L had been "asking" drunk wine until shooting "intimate" with his friend. In situations like this, others will appreciate the guts and your behavior too. Never for jokes or "encouraged doctors" but not mastered myself jog.

Dress is not the situation

How to dress your little one will appreciate the beauty of you let alone who you are. Before the date, it is best to learn the location and encourage you to dress "tone tone dot."

Speak not "fit"

Teengirl boyfriend wants some "top teu" stories and pose questions, some prefer to take initiative. During the chat, please arrange you want to tell stories, talk rambled avoid long lines. Is taboo to mention your ex. If the "object" to ask questions, go straight to the heart, laughs while speaking highly appreciated!

Rush decision

Some teengirl after first appointment feeling very excited and immediately after the appointment was expressed as a pair of really. An appointment is not to say what a head start, learn technical subjects and then go to the most mature decision.

Showing excessive emotion

Not necessarily uttered "Oh my god!" Or praise someone in heaven and earth to lower someone down. Nobody promptly adapt to what your emotions.

Inappropriate siting

This is the most common errors in the dating. If you're not very subtle in this initiative is to suggest that you place not.


You may like him very much and love you but do not show such nhé! Be calm and gentle express their emotions.

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