Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Appear impressive magazine Vogue of March, Lady Gaga reveal unexpected information that the audiotape of her fans would "hypertension." Is a typical case of food poisoning the night of her recent performances in London in the tour round the world by Lady Gaga. "I found out I have food poisoning and felt nausea, irritability. I was vomiting constantly behind the scenes. At that time no one found out at all. I was told my order is: 'Color is not poisoned, you will not vomit on stage.' Maybe then I fool my body "- Lady Gaga said.
Momentum has continued to promote his concerts continue at night instead of running straight to the hospital, Lady Gaga says: "I thought, if I throw up, people will think I'm drunk, but I do not want people to think I'm bad like that. Of course I also do not want the audience know that they were poisoning then. " She also boldly revealed: "I sometimes see, on stage is like doing sex ... with his fans so. They are the only person on this planet can make I like guys with dementia in the moment. "
Back to the interview papers Vogue, Owner of the album Born This Way Coming here, said the fame does not change the people themselves. Lady says she is still a Stefani Germanotta the first is whether the girl is now known by millions. "I still live in an apartment right before, to hang out with close friends, went drinking at several bars and even used, still jump at the same studio with the dancers before. It is true that there nothing has changed "- Lady Gaga said.
More shocking is the queen of this eccentric type assert themselves also belong to the family's women, a normal girl. Lady Gaga as the stunned fans admitted: "Particularly about love or talk about loyalty in the true romance is I have a very classical concept. I am awake and not eccentric as people first thought ". Do not know the statement "feminine", the data in the next album, Lady Gaga will change that style?

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