Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine Bingbing welcome in the pool

Pm 12 / 2, and her costar, Republic Tran Bach Lam in "Guan Yin Mountain" turned the song's video clip. Context is a swimming pool, male and female actors wore very ... economical fabric.
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Phạm Băng Băng (Fan Bing Bing) và Trần Bách Lâm (Wilson Chen) là diễn viên chính trong bộ phim
Fan Bingbing (Fan Bing Bing) and Tran Bach Lam (Wilson Chen) is starring in the movie "Guan Yin Mountain" directed by Li Jade (Li Yu).
When the video clip, wearing a skirt Bingbing flickering color spread.
But when the water is almost no longer visible dresses, which show up only soft body lines of the actress.
Tran Bach Lam also wore a small swimwear.
The scene is done in a swimming pool in suburban Beijing (China), in the very limited time period. They will be back in a few days continuously.
Film "Guan Yin Mountain" has brought to Bingbing Actress award outstanding at the Tokyo Film Festival in May 11/2010.
Films will be screened in mainland China from 4 / 3.
Producer and director songwriting required to complete the content of film themes, and invites Taiwan singer Jessica Pham Understanding (Mavis Fan) shows.
"Guan Yin Mountain" is about a pair of young men and women (and Bing Bing Chen Lin plays Bach) left home because of disgust and family life in the university entrance exam. They drift to the city to survive, to tenants of an owner desperate because she lost her husband, lost children, no purpose for living (Ngai Truong Gia). Home to live with, all three non-stop collision and gradually find out the meaning of his life. ( view trailer )
Both actors were very pleased with the results of the filming.
When asked if she is not upset when two days before Valentine's Day and then, but still hard to film in the cold, Bingbing answer, she has no regrets, and Valentine had planned to welcome the Tran Bach Lam in the country.

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