Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7 Ways to make a guy .....! vibration

Boys do not vibrate hard, just to make him think a little more emotional then gradually will develop slowly ... You can apply the following 7.
You're noticed a certain guy, but no way to express him know? You do not want to be proactive and clearly you have not their emotions. How his attention or love with you it?
Son of vibration do not hard, just to make him think a little more slowly, the feelings will develop slowly ... You can apply the following 7.
Listen to him speak
Little boys confided his story to his friends simply because you love your son, daughter, unlike love, and the son together is sometimes quite difficult to confide in, after maybe ... (they are always his proved that his strong). So, when sad, when you need to share feelings, boys like to share with the other side better.
But not everyone has enough patience to listen to him ramble. So if you have a girl that he is willing to listen, sometimes giving him advice, to help him overcome the crisis of spirit, he will be moved by works!
Avoided his gaze and smiled
When he looks at you for too long, sometimes avoid her gaze, together with a smile. Actions that demonstrate that you are afraid and want to hide my feelings. So then he thought: "Why are small acts like that?". Son, sometimes no less sensitive girl, she's gestures you can make him sobbing all day.
Unconditional help
Copy all his fears, his photocopy for roughly outline, helping him to study Literature, helped him find material in the course of history ... to help the "threat": "Be sure to pay the congestion!", But then when finished, he suggested: "So now paid how" you point your hands: "Small things, joking No, thank you." Of course, maybe he wanted to "pay", but he surprised you help unconditionally. How he would find an excuse with which to "respond" (he also started with "little something" to you!)
A message on every night
Both days are not met, no sms, no chat, do not call ... And the evening, he will get a good night message of your interesting. He asked again, or vague message, you remain silent did not answer.
Only a single message, but will make his thoughts and concerns ... not always sleep well (hi hi). Remember, do not need to worry about the message he sent back, just message your way. As hinted, as he thought a lot about you.
Selective attention
He was sick. Your only details how to quickly out: what to buy drugs, how to eat, how to rest, all play ... But when he suspended status "autism" on the YM, despite online you still do not bother to ask ... That means you must know "selective attention", only interested in cases of necessity, not always so enthusiastic, he will feel you are "annoying" rather than vibration before you work.
Remember, do not try to act cool. Just talk to him a mischievous, normal. Son's feelings and "instability" as his daughter so. Therefore, you also need refinement to his heart beat faster when I think about you.
Always laughing sometimes next guy
Boys always want to bring joy to her daughter by telling jokes or tell the joke. So face restrictions "click gross" or "serious excesses" offline. A big smile or a laugh when crispy tan discovered something interesting as well that his son "inert as the room" there.
Enthusiastic but still keep a certain distance
Now, you are very eager to chat with him, sometimes shy ... When the comment Facebook enthusiastic, sometimes "ignored" all states as well as update the image that he has interviewed him ... Sometimes, when he asked then answer ... Because if both finished in touch several times a day will make sense of boredom, too much attention to the same friend, ongoing support will make both guilty ... It is best to create a distance between the two to also think and appreciate every moment. Everything happens so slowly, slowly, feeling so fed last. Feelings of vibration will occur if the know how to behave.

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