Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sisters Dara (2NE1) New Year with hanbok beautiful sparkling

Two sisters Dara and Thunder had an interview in early spring extremely happy with the Korean press.

This is the first time Sandara Park and Thunder along together interviewed both proved to be extremely happy. The couple is considered the most famous pair of sisters when both Korean showbiz Sandara Park and Thunder are the hottest idol Hallyu today.
Sandara Park and Thunder grew up in Singapore.
Although up to 10 minutes later than her brother, but was quick to dispel Sandara air embarrassment of the interview by saying hello happy with the Thunder. Thunder is also offered to rush her back in a confused attitude was glad to see her sister. "Finally, you also come."

"We grew up in the Philippines. Due to busy work schedule should rarely be the new year with their parents at home that year. This year we will celebrate the New Year with her parents and their CEOs, "Dara and Thunder begins with an answer about his plans for the new year.

Do they both work in the entertainment industry should rarely have time to meet each other. "We only met once a month. At home Sandara wears pajamas and no makeup, so I first saw her sister on the photos, I was ... shocked, "Thunder, has revealed humor.
However, this guy has proven to be a great brother always nice when my sister and praise band 2NE1. "I often listen to music 2NE1. I really enjoyed the music of her, "Thunder said.
Although the sisters have confirmed that they rarely meet, but hardly anyone realizes that they are actually very close. Dara said she always observe and follow his brother from a distance, as well as regularly sending messages encouraging Thunder. Even she was also proud to boast that, whenever her message, her brother always message back and accompanied by a letter "K" (K = kiss).

Thunder was immediately teased her sister: "That is my message to Rain huh. But the wrong message to her to stop. "

Besides interviews, the famous couple sisters also take a map image in hanbok to celebrate the new year by fans. To admire the beautiful shimmering image of sisters Sandara Park and Thunder fans nhé.

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