Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Consequences ... sexually frustrated "virtual"

A girl about 16 years old, full moon shaped face, plump figure sitting at the front balcony furniture department of Neurology, Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi.
Suddenly she stood up sharply, clinging dress a middle-aged man has just walked over, then shouted: "Dad, why do not you find it? Why I love it that does not love you? Why I refuse it? "
Certain germ was the girl who mistook her for her home, but the man still tried to explain: "The rest of the room. It did not love the stars, to the rest room was ... "
Love on the definition
Girl named Thuy H. Nguyen H 16 year old, the family living in Me Linh district - Hanoi city. Her brother looked after in hospital: Ms. H from the baby which is a lovely girl. House has three siblings H, H is the older, family problems, so she just finished grade 9 H.
Childhood of the three sisters are inherently peaceful. Ms. H at school is one way to learn a way to help her field. "The heart of her pretty new, so even ten years old he also had quite a lot of time is to get acquainted. Parents often told me, she grew up what kind of H is just the same village to marry his son to also close their parents "- he told me honestly that.

H suy sụp bắt đầu kể từ ngày “người yêu” cô đột nhiên biến mất trên mạng... (Ảnh minh hoạ)
But in recent years, the consistent focus on growth is listed first in the village. H were absent, apart from the farm also append the cut flowers, transport to Hanoi to sell along with her mother. Such trips, helping more of the H, and on. Money along with the customary definition is listed that girls grow up to have free time is burying their head in the network. It was also then that H acquaintances, friends with a guy on the definitions. They may never meet face truth as told by H because, he stayed far away. But with H, it is a love so many promises.
"It seems that all the time eating in bed, I have dreamed of him. I found him very handsome, smart mouth back "very average" loving, spoiled child "- H wipers eye response.
But the girl did not understand all that information is only an illusion but not necessarily true in this life. H lovers may just be someone on the Internet. H itself has no real information about him. Yet the illusion of love there every day pulling a consistent definition H. The girl lied parents can sit for hours to tens of confided to "love" their network.
Hearted and mental illness
H said that her brother: When two people "love" each other dearly, she also had many expressions H is erratic. The chat that day was meeting her boyfriend back home happy smart restraints. Almost always told us children chirping about "him" of his, what he is flirting with her and promise of a happy life after this. But the day did not meet, she was sad depressed, even feeling anxious, fearful. Including the day I saw she was alone crying, worried she told him off, she missed ...
H true to worst start since "love" she suddenly disappeared on the network. No home address, no real information about those close to him, shocked H from anxiety to completely collapse. Girls do not maintain their balance of emotional love calls all day. Subsequently, H roam around the shops in the village features, as well hook up with someone encountered the question: why does it leave me, why it does not love me anymore? Then she cried, laughing ... When the expression of more severe mental illness, the family brought her to the Bach Mai Hospital.
On the football field hospital sunshine duration, H refused to sit in the middle room that is sunny to meet anyone who went back and all ran out to ask about the situation of his lover. Caregivers of patients with H roommate said that: In the hospital, the girl could fast all day to get money to sneak online chat, go and see her boyfriend. Whenever my parents for money dining, H are tucked away for a consistent definition just outside the hospital gates and ... chat online.
"Being mentally by the school, whether due to occupational accidents which he also stars. This Behind Her sister was mentally ill due to the definition of love that my family is very ashamed. Because of that, when his parents brought her to the hospital, nobody's interested in her anymore. Both sent me down here take care of her, but every time you see her crying, he questioned people about their lovers, they are very angry with her but it hurt .... "
"I saw the doctors say this disease looks simply because the person at the provincial, as enchanting. Patients can eat normally but sleep is not easy to completely cure. If you do not recover, her own children and their parents will be very sad. She was 16 and a girl ... "- He said his brother in the H sigh, while the young girl still has to go, just constantly: I just love his own. Please do not leave me. You still have the money to focus on talking to him ...

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