Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quynh Nga sexy princess crocodile Beauty breeze

Only a few more days, the debut album "Beauty" by Quynh Nga will be officially released widely. Let's chat with her about this product nhé!

Hi Quynh Nga. After some time, the louder you recently found it somewhat silent nhé!
Every time I need some silence as well as to the cause of the explosion. After a time the audience recognized and supported through the film, as well as the songs were sent out to everyone is to be a successful music production Russians probably need to focus on silent more of your project. Currently, Russia has not received any more a movie, music production Russia wants its first release and then decided to finish.
But Russia's album promises a long time and still not appear?
In the next few days Quynh Nga's album will officially be released online, titled "Beauty." The album contains all nine songs, which is devoted nine, nine different colors, but all style is very Quynh Nga hihi ...

9 enthusiastic, 9 colors, which Russia says is what?
Every song on the album "Beauty" by a different artist and carries its own as the music: Dance, Pop, Hip hop .... When people enjoy the album Quynh Nga will have the feel for yourself. If Quynh Nga clear 9 hours devotion and 9 colors that out, people no longer see the secret and more curious about the album. So when people listen to every album will feel what it was nine enthusiastic home!
Why did you choose to release an album online but not officially launched on the market?
Released online or released on the market are the biggest desire of the singer wants to send to the listener the feeling that his sending of the product. The online issue has caused the singer as much disadvantage, they still have to buy rights to the song, record and PR, the only thing not sell the disk to record profits as the album released on the market .
After the online album "Beauty", Quynh Nga will also release their own DVD's to early May. DVD meticulously prepared, when people watch DVDs will feel the closeness, the most honest of sending Russia into it.
Attention on the music stage with sexy photos, so sure of this album as well as Russian style that?
If people look at album of Quynh Nga, that Russia shares closed wearing long sleeves, long pants and still feel very sexy Quynh Nga, I have success. Not every new openings are sexy, there are many ways to experience the charm of the singer. Attractive from the eyes, dance, or sing from the sentence which the singer sent to the audience.
Return to the album "Beauty", will not know the song a duet with Russian Quynh Phuong Khanh or any other male singer?
Online album "Beauty" does not have any songs because this song is the album dedicated to Quynh Nga. But the DVD release will soon be combined with singer Quynh Nga Phuong Khanh, very much to everyone curious works! In particular, non-song, he'll also play clips along Phuong Quynh Nga anymore. If people look past the image Khanh Phuong is a singer dust cleaners, room ceiling ... it's coming to DVD Quynh is a young Russian countess, or prince, or a gentle easy boy any trade! Just wait to see you know!
Why would you choose Khanh Phuong is the only person in his duet with this project?
Previously also intends to duet with other singers, but some Russians feel less understanding, common ground between the two musical artists with them. When they met Khanh Phuong, show that both food ideas together and understand each other pretty much should work alone.
Strong feelings between Russia and Khanh Phuong Quynh pretty close?
In work and life, Khanh Phuong Quynh Nga and I understand each other very, very close. When both have a duet together something from the song feel so real. Currently, Khanh Phuong Quynh Nga and colleagues, who are brothers of each other well, but later they do not know how!

Thanks Quynh Nga, wish you more beautiful and more successful in the upcoming projects!

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