Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rihanna 99% within a show on stage

Dramatic Brit Awards (UK) at 15 / 2 aglow by the appearance of many music stars cult. This year, Rihanna won a great victory when the property award International Female Artist Best. She constantly changing to showcase their top hit, thus leading to new hazardous situation on the strapless dress no "catches up" round.
Rihanna on the red carpet gorgeous Brit Awards - annual awards of the British record industry to pop.
From the Barbados beauty Rihanna has made to stage the awards night by the blazing hit its peak with the clothes can not be sexy.
Constantly changing ...
... Rihanna so not in shape to wear their dangerous occurrences, near fell off the dress of her first round.
Also present at the awards ceremony, Avril Lavigne a rock chic appearance with a black skirt and high heels, Avril Lavigne, said she was afraid of falling in the show because shoes are too high.
"I hope that I will not be" spread pretty "while performing. Because if so, everything will be very bad," said Avril Lavigne.
Beauty Cheryl Cole is a dress look pretty bare back exposed rapture. Even beauty used to be Miss England's Wags Cheryl Cole's ex-husband has made Katie Price - singer Peter Andre and ecstasy to work to give her a passionate kiss. When the interview with the press, Cheryl said I did not think that is a beautiful woman: "Even the mirror every time I saw that I was ugly."
The only American male to appear at this year's Brit Justin. Appeared quite early compared to other stars, Justin attract the attention of fans. Unlike other stars, Justin proved quite friendly and also enlist the press while waiting for the awards stand, "gossip" with journalists.
Justin said he is quite impressed with how he appeared in the Grammy Awards when Lady get into the egg. Although Justin did not know the intentions of nothing but Lady Gaga is the Canadian singer revealed, probably Grammy Awards the following year, I'll get into a similar vain to help with the paparazzi shooting more.

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