Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brits eager holes ... 18 + film

Although busy preparing for a terrible album Femme Fatale Coming in March with a series of concerts to promote the new disc with MV Hold it Against Me, But it seems the pop princess she still wants me to be more busy. Share with fans through personal diary pages, Britney Spears í is revealed that she'd be able to return to Hollywood studios for filming. Despite criticism that had been ragged about acting and it seems very silly to cinema as well as acting, but this time Brits seem very determined "and production" pink collection covered all his fans and even eagerly movies ... adults anymore. This is why we?
The number is on your personal Twitter page, yesterday Britney Spears wrote: "I love acting and want to participate in a movie that Judd Apatow's or Todd Philips." That was a movie that no one is stranger to both the director of this cult even Hollywood. Both Todd and Judd Apatow Philips are known as "green thumb" with the movie ... not intended for teen audiences - that is being labeled that 18 +. If anyone has ever seen The Hangover, Due Date or Road Trip Todd Philips's strange what they are not stylish romantic comedy mixed smell ... "The room" of the director of this.
Although Brits seem full of enthusiasm for the arts Saturday, but watch out she will be very difficult to have a role in both, by a majority of the films of Todd Philips and Judd Apatow are centered around the lives of ... men. Meanwhile, many fans are now speculating that this is probably an ingenious way PR was constructed to the pop princess for a project to promote his new film or a cameo role that in the film. Because just look at the tight schedule of her from now until the end of the year, immediately after the album was touring around the world, Britney Spears took the time where that movie!
Each star in the film Crossroads in 2002 when at the peak of his career and has a huge fan base, but Britney Spears professionals were tattered processing is acting unprofessional, not very expressive, and the film became one of the most forgettable defeat of her career. Although occasional Brit then join a cameo role for the cult television series such as How I Met Your Mother, Will and Grace and most recently Glee nobody is still highly capable of acting pop princess. Nobody knows when the wishes of the Brit said, two other directors will think how it?

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