Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time students with destiny Girl Report

I once heard a man say: "This era, which pairs with the cave , or some coffee or something she is old already. Now want to prove "class" must be his mistresses, mistresses as they are beautiful new young students dread. Because the embankment embankments go home a healthy child, has a degree but really nothing in it oach.
Student-mistress ...
gai baoT. N University students, from Hai Phong, who is paired with an extended car sales, her proud boast to friends that each month she was "donors" to give her pocket and $ 500 to spare tuition. Also boarding, travel procurement have been concerned all his disabilities.
Every morning, T. Just because the car vu Dylan to the auditorium with expensive clothes and luxury. Admittedly T. have a nice body, skin as white as peeled egg, three rounds are very "standard" when it came to Hanoi from school, many boys she has been pursuing. But right from the time T. we know that pair with "bad chip" is no "color" at all. T said: "I have beauty, youth have so much money that extended to her, then I just" trade "as long as there money to spend, there are homes to be in ...."
Also by the concept "shocked" to learn of this year 2 new universities that T. achievement is quite thick "collecting" the three giants, mainly directors of limited companies, people do business ... Hand of trafficking in this car, she just "raising" a few months and will not know "the blue swallows" again reached the "focus" of her coming. "Achievements" that T. obtained after the situation is that the newer mobile phones, two motorbikes and the multitude of expensive jewelry ... and a small apartment in My Dinh apartment.
Where to go "overtime" after the lecture, such as T. popular among students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City today. P. a similar case, she was a student University of M. Last year she was "boyfriend" would buy a luxury house, fully furnished in the suburbs, the reason her boyfriend "ga mausoleum" is so because he was a contractor building a reputation.
Cum lover "sponsor" of P. had a wife and three children, this year he Nghe than 60 years, 3 times her age and even older than her father at home, but P. that no matter much, because she did not care about how he was.
Purpose for which P. to live with him now, just hoping he will soon complete the transfer of her house she was in, in order to properly welcome her home in the countryside to the cities to live, but the "relative future "was still pretty far away and very dense translucent. L. friends with classmates P. see you "reap" the process, also under the "business" to do your "wife" of a major professional real estate business.
Each month she receives 600 "fee" along with countless beautiful clothes, jewelry, luxury ...
L. met said that they see the lack of extended family or whatever, as long as they balance the skin, provide a better life for themselves, but in return, I will compensate for their feelings ... that's all good, but nobody anyone use ...?!
Bad boyfriend students paired with a married man, as on a lot more, by thoughts offset by canals, or by dragging your friends. So many students have volunteered to do similar work as prostitute themselves like this, just because you want to spend money, and eat.
Fantasy outlook and money
The situation "through" this kind between students with such giants typically lasts how long, by two parties come together just to avoid the "make sure" things that you need in one way then the other goes. Only after some time, if not "big woman" of his discovery, evaluation and self-envy to by the "boring" life together, but the Russian team. I again have the students harshly "rock" my boyfriend, to come up with the bigger giants.
Of course, at the end market is the worst consequence is that girl. They pay for her chosen path, when money was rolling in as they talk peace education becomes scratched. Then it was banned, to head an empty auditorium with teak, a serious lack of knowledge.
As in the case of T. above, after some time lover, beauty was faded, do not bother giants eyeing more. T. turned-call girl had to have money to satisfy their food consumption. But the study is unfinished, because she dropped out, leaving too much competition should be suspended from school learning.
There are countless stories of the victims happened to her students "do more" in this fashion. Some time ago, long legs P. above had to be hospitalized because his wife's big hands you know about dan affair between two people. Then she hired a gang of "junior" teach P. a rather heavy-handed lessons. As a result she was hospitalized with broken bodies decay but do not dare call anyone, for fear of embarrassment for teachers, friends.
Three cases above are just a few of the many cases of girls going dating older men for money snacks. And consequently it does not only stop there, there are many cases of acid attacks terrified for their lives turn turn by the lash dead jealous horror. Not a few cases of girls from the "little wife" to a call girl and then lead visitors into the cheek bread without noticing. Only after sitting sentenced to prison, laments that the new, sorry.
These cases were mostly friends, teachers, families and even discovered, and when it is inevitable that they will be alienated from friends and teachers laughed, because education lectures, late calves . Even with this "common promiscuous" is indiscriminately, will lead the girls to the abortion situation many times, girls have forever lost the divine maternity of her ...
Having seen last suffer, regret to see a beauty that those who deliberately put the foot on the "money part" like this. If only these girls knew more mature, do not be too ambitious in honor of wealth such frivolity, then they can make life a more beautiful future.

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