Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 "Tips" to score points with XY XX .....!

XY side view ... "idiots" yet it also very difficult to get our house! But no star, teen girl can learn the secrets to making the following small team who also have other "tilting" thui!
 1. Sociable smile

Well, gentle smile ... but it should be natural (not that he likes you a fake girl, right?).
In order to "smile" to your natural grace, then you can laugh when they met him in the corridors of the classroom, in the cafeteria, in the school yard. In short, whenever caught sight of him, then smile in response. Smile will help you record your images on a young sociable in his eyes.
You will feel your mind easy to get along and know where it would be a good sign for the frequency increases, so talk!
2. Eye in mind when he talked
It seems easy to say but she did not do block it you know! Since every right to see the object, the limbs themselves feverishly on our own, when they do not dare to talk straight into your eyes "adorable" his anymore.
But if you're the shy type teen girl like this, from today, please set "eyes" are present to talk to any (especially him!). The other eye in about 60% of the time to chat will make your opponent feel really focus on story and interested in what he shared. A girl listens indeed very cute right?
3. Harness the power of praise
There is an obvious is .... No one likes to be without merit at all, the teenage boy as well as that of our own! The problem is so clever of merit, rather than having to take whatever merit praise for the very bored!
Well, just imagine if you will ... hands frequently speak in class, you will not need to get him enough praise for the 10 spoke 10 times on his head. Sometimes you can compliment your academic achievement up to him if he's class, or compliment an item he bought a new pair of shoes or backpack as such.
4. Pretends "to festival," a tiny bit
Oh good, just catching her daughter to praise his subtle moderate "to to" a little hard not to each other is doing so it? Hihi, not as you think.
Sometimes, pretending to listen to a little corn for the "other side" is to help you face is also a way for him to remember you that home! For example we understand that his daughter is asked most often used items, but most are all full of natural subjects that!
Just a long long time ... do not pretend to understand it now and again through his mind a little lecture, he finished the pendant down the cafeteria to eat anything called it "pay back". So have the opportunity to dine with him and then nothing, but reason decent house!
Note that this technique should not spend so much easier to make your opponent think they are blonde tiny brain the size!
5. To love myself
To make someone fall in love with you, first you must know yourself loved. Become a teen girl with a healthy diet and healthy living.
Do not forget to care little for his appearance a little bit parallel to the fostering of wisdom you then, because her daughter which is "women" that. This add one more thing, sometimes just keep ignoring "you did" take care and focus for themselves and their learning, autonomy and a girl does not "tail" will have a much greater attraction .

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