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Drink together "open snails!

If held in pubs, karaoke taxis, visitors to spend money a few hundred thousand dollars or more, but very well also be "open snails." Also holding a coffee shop, much less (about 40-50 thousand dollars) but can be impartial "brandishing about."
Death from the "green dream"

Shop name is "green dream" but at this coffee shop (in Tan Lap commune, Moc Hoa district, Long An province), will be made to sit in a little "old barn" made of bamboo leaves, around full of garbage and smells of urine! With the price of drinking water for 15 - 20 thousand dollars, will be a "child" for 30 minutes / rates and spoiled "open snails." If you have "needs", they will "help" ... to port with the tip amount not less than 20 thousand dollars each time. Also want to "stone friendly" then please go through the inn opposite.
In the town of Moc Hoa and surrounding areas, cafes accommodation associated with forming a closed ring service. D., 21, made the customary "Blue Dreams" about six months, said "do not pay, just a tip of the guests enjoy." The day starts "working" from around 11 noon to midnight, every 30 minutes performance. "If a customer, per day and earn a few hundred thousand dollars, but tired."
Maybe she was telling the truth. Today we visit here (nearly 24 hours overnight), after Lowland coffee to the table, she sat down Analytics chair, his legs would hang over the table, closed his eyes, said: "I want to do what they do, so tired, I sleep here. " With that, she was sleeping!
In Long An is now embraced coffee as "green dream" almost everywhere there. Only one other thing: Beer hug, hug karaoke "attract" the largest, while coffee is the focus of embracing "kids." Where there is coffee almost hugged him a few high school students often had to "embrace that." B., Ph. shop steward. - Nearly Committee Hoa Phu, Chau Thanh district - said there was a sixth grade boy in Tan An town to open a restaurant waiter asked. Once in the room, attaching "-turn" requires flight attendants to serve as sex. Stringent enough, the kid was 12, what is enough "means, props" to "acting", so that comment is "pants" stewardess out games for a game worth 50 thousand dollars.
As well as B., including: there was a man hugging ride to restaurant. Old man feared dead immortal stroke, the flight attendants refused. He definitely did not detail, because "if the loss of money on a motorcycle taxi." Ultimately, to avoid "risky", and asked her to spend money for specific motorcycle taxi.
The story also less humor in the situation that Mr. Huynh Van Phung, Chief Anti-social vices (Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs in Long An province) has been met: when checking the cafe lights dim along the route to avoid the Tan An town, its function has repeatedly discovered some specialized shaman funeral proceedings for the suit, "specificity" sitting "relax" with some young girls (!) ...
Story "hug" today in Long An has caused many people fall into half crying half laughing, even melting the crushed door. As Mr. C. in Tan Lap (Moc Hoa) bank loan to invest 9 million production. Who is most likely, you listen to him "torn loincloth" and invite neighbors, but he has not yet come home to a pub holding "player said."
Perhaps the first time in customary entitled "strange things", he always inspired even play ... one day. When you go and see his wife, brought him home, check money, went off close to 8 million! Or as "boy" 15-year-old native of Moc Hoa Duoc to keep buffaloes rent, wages each month to send about 500 thousand dollars for her adoptive mother of two children to school. No doubt, after an adult was at half mast and how to hold a beer, he was ... was addicted. A few months later did not see the money, her boss asked her to fall back, the new: the entire amount was taken away he was drinking beer holding out clean.
Her most recent story H. (K wife, house Cai, Tien Giang) stood crying, sat crying as her husband has discovered tens of million on cleaning tips to make the games held in pubs. Purchasing jobs hamsters during flooding, this year consisting of all capital is 20 million for her husband to order a mouse. I do not see half months back, afraid of having something unfortunate, she speed away to search Moc Hoa. When she met her husband in it, alas, he only enough pocket money on the car ...
Although not yet know the number of how many shops, but when they checked to see "the data", with hundreds of shops ... In addition, the inn grew everywhere, the stage manager also loose so easily become a beach response to climate "hug."
Restaurants, pubs ... there are "eyes and ears" when being checked. If caught, the attendants sit with guests and 500 thousand dollars fine each time is "too fat" for the owner. Also withdrawn the business license, then it does not matter, just changed hands, new permits! That's not to mention about some officers in the force against CSR "voluntary" as "eyes and ears", protects the restaurants "hug" is.
Drink with ... "opening snails!
Years ago, people still see Long An "hug" is something "special" only in large cities such as Saigon, Can Tho ... and occasionally appear in Tan An town. Few think it will expand in Dong Thap Muoi region today, causing many people to fall into half crying half laughing, even melting the crushed door.
Only 10,000 of the guests wear jewelry "survey" the children
According to him the land you are here and surrounding areas with over 30 shops "hug" the capital. Nipper round after round, we decided to select four of the nine shops - located around the district court a few feet - nose to "raid" first. If viewed from the outside, this restaurant does not have any special signs.
Board of "9999" hanging door panels as usual effect of many other restaurants. But when the motorcycle stopped in front of our shop, the "shape" of holding a beer began to appear.
Two waitresses dressed like "drinking from consuming prey" from the house steps out, his waist touted as having a friend: "Even more, see this meal. You go where that was lost so dark? ".
Very "professional", the mouth, she said, immediately pull our hands in a room at the bottom of consistency.
After we sit on the lounge chairs spurious grimy old, one of two she continued with a smile: "He waved hands (Tiger), ken (Heineken) or Saigon?". So we asked, but had barely opened her mouth, she always decided to "hand-waved light", then open the door, smiling carried out on the beer (seems to have been available at the door).
Next, the question "of his expenses for food" was uttered with a slow tempo while her hands, then opened beer "fuck, fuck" pouring cup overflows. Some were torn towel wrapped chilled; package cashew nuts, dried jackfruit, dried beef on the table is also available to tear out. At a glance, beer, bait and the "children" were laid out, just waiting for you "idle".
After a few round of beer, that we do not "open snails," she poured beer sitting next to me who pride stand sulky looks cool: "If you do not like the little bags they place, for another child."
I said nothing, just sit down. She sank in her seat, grimacing face, but his voice was jokingly: "Dare to go drink beer but do not dare hug ... squeeze, he be dead."
With that, she was pinching a hand on my shoulder, the other hand Lowland beer, a bit empty in Australia prior to his astonished you go together. Seeing this, she sat next to my friend who giggle and a hand-held imaging the heart, little more than shrink, the other holding a beer held up "until I go, hubby, drinking to" drag wheels ", the player must "off" scene "...
"Hug" ... anywhere!
After a flanking "hug", the two new connections in your beer (who called himself a doctorate, a master who is working at a research center located in the same district of Vinh Hung) invited me to customary U.S. Coast (Coastal Highway 62, The Cat hamlet, Thanh Tuyen Commune, Moc Hoa district - Moc Hoa town only a few hundred meters) to treat a karaoke adoration.
This time it was dark, the residents along the road almost closed. Only pubs, karaoke, coffee is still busy with the music fell pretty, flashing light, shining in front of each restaurant. U.S. Coast restaurant, too. Electric lights shone from the door to come inside, such as inviting.
We know to sing karaoke, the bartender (a woman aged about 40, who has) put us on the floor, press into a more spacious, approximately 10m2.
Chorus here too! Just a glance, the new beer foam, cold towels and the "children" were laid out, the only other extra is staging karaoke with the sound quality of the male form ... goose! At first, his two new friends may also be afraid for me, but after getting used and carefree eating, singing with a bunch of them (of course not forget the "capital recovery"). Occasionally, the two men are not eating, not drinking, but did not take the time to sing ... "opening snails."
I asked T. - Who sat next to - if 814 teams to check, why? She said seems true: "There is no problem, they know us first. They are immortal up the bags they get behind the exit door is finished, while some sat in the back singing his impartiality. "
T as well as karaoke rooms are "illegal" - because the only consistent U.S. Coast catering business - but no one so far the test (!?).
Leaving the U.S. Coast restaurant, two men invite you to continue because of insufficient capital, with a long long time I was back to Moc Hoa once so he decided to offer my two to the wharf.
I "application model" for the reason kids are waiting longer at the inn, has more than 10 hours tomorrow night that I was working with district appointments. The two men expressed regret and your next appointment if I have to Moc Hoa will also invite another to a "bad war" over.
It seems the common denominator of the brewpub "hug" karaoke "hold" where the same. Just a guest appearance, entered the shop, the "I" hearted care: lead me into his little room, chilled towels washcloths, forced to drink beer, then caressing caress (the other is only "money What's this) ... so most of you here is hard to let go or deny anything, especially with those he has "little blood ...."
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