Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kim Kardashian 'crocodile tears' about nude photography

In a recent interview with the press, model Kim Kardashian has expressed so much misery and regret ... my nod for nude pictures for magazine W. Kim said that there are nude pics extremely rough and non-art, and that he blamed for W magazine have been "cheated".
"When I signed, they told me with certainty that there will be a beautiful nude photos, photos will be worth to admire the art. But I really did not expect they portrayed Technology a naked art ... so "- Kim Kardashian said.
Kim Kardashian's nude magazine W.

But criticism of this model was soon warmly public opposition. Most people agree that Kim Kardashian uses only crocodile tears for pity from the fans. "In the past, to be famous, she has accepted to undress for Playboy magazine. Then returned sharply criticized them. By now, too, to warm up the names of rminh Kim nude again for W. And for that I feel remorse, it was a flip of human heart "- a fan expressed grave frankly his views known on a forum by Kim Kardashian's fan club set up.

"When her millions of dollars in their pockets with our pictures, Kim just said thanks and smiled happily. Yet now crying for it" - W magazine, the following comments .

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has become the face attitude of the newspaper has helped raise his reputation. Previously she has also taken nude for Playboy magazine and then asked to regret something do.Chinh action so that this time Kim did not make fans feel miserable, but also much criticized . Maybe after this, you will not have any newspapers, "dared" to invite Kim photography anymore, because they fear that Kim will be highlighted again as Playboy and scandalous W.

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