Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teen and prefer to "show off" the love ......

Not strange to see pictures of the pair tangerine wrap, passionate social networking together. Also no shortage of stories of teens who love showing off, but the "show off" love still many problems to speak of.

Do not be afraid to show off?

To think "Well hide bad showing" much like you are afraid of openly loving, romantic online. Stories couples self update his own album showing pictures of lovers on facebook avatar, or set the scene are kissing, intimate and very popular. However, it always look uncomfortable encounter and demanding of others.

Mai Thao (sn1991) shared:My boyfriend wants both to facebook avatar for emotional hug. Think simply want to share to your friends to know me and behind me was very happy to agree. But as to shape up, many people said back in said skewer pierced my style is relaxed girl, have fun and do not seem interested. I do not care, but feel very uncomfortable indeed. "

There are many reasons why the teen wants to shape her and behind her on the internet. One of the main reasons is the show off as a love affirmed. It aims to reduce their eyes on the galaxy population of the table with "behind him." When looking at the pictures "intimate" of the guy with his girlfriend, to more than 95% would give up her day. But with the guy, when you see the flowers have all, to more than 80% of the short underground man shook his head and walked away.

Photo illustration is nature

Think simple but not simple

Many guys would love to show off your girlfriend. Is the most beautiful girl did not show any problems? As he often liked to emotional pictures and intimate. Friends First is to know how your girlfriend. The second is to demonstrate ownership of the site. Finally, to illustrate the feelings of both. But no one interested in his girlfriend's aside may encounter.

With the boys, talk "show off" love interest much less damage, no one said this is the guy to the other when the images intimate. But the daughter is completely opposite. They often suffer more notorious or scandalous. That's not to mention the type of show you do not like people who love the network of others but not bothering to say.

Not only that, if such parents may see the first thing they do not like by appropriate assessment and thinking that her daughter is "easy going, not considerate." Very few parents who do not bear to see their children too close to other people your age. Even some parents also look at it to assess personality and family of both.

Despite such problems, but many still agree to teengirl photos love online. Partly due to the dimensional requirements, the simple and does not think so and also avoid the other commands Pheng. Thu Ngoc (Phu Nhuan) said: "You boys do not ask me to picture them on my facebook, but I'm up to the initiative. The reason is to avoid embarrassing him or her to another ex-girlfriend who just adopted or expect to wait. Obviously it would be better. "

Besides, many of you think that is a simple way to share your joy and help your friends update their status. They did not have that strong breeze, not a "show off" or deeper purpose whatsoever.

Good or bad?

Difficult to review the "show off" the teen's love is good or bad. Because we love each other, they may present. But the problem is worthy goals and demonstrate how the inadequacies around it. That's harsh view of others, the infamous unavoidable and difficult to wash especially for teengirl.

Excessive images, lost morals and cosmetic procedures become controversial issues, it is difficult to avoid. Although for any reason, your teen should also keep those beautiful pictures while sitting in school. Especially daughter should avoid taking actions "sensitive" to frustrate yourself and those around. Should not cause undue around complaining and irritability.

However, each person has a personal life. All the acts they do, they will be responsible for themselves whether right, wrong, good bad. Should not be too interested in other people's personal and easy to evaluate. Be more concerned with how they behaved themselves.

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