Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amy Winehouse from cute to ... tank

Amy reached early last heart in the arms of her parents, she has a big eyes and round Pole line hardware.
The photos are beautiful and feminine of Amy, the future singer now only 5-6 years old.
One of the pictures extremely funny and cute when Amy was a high school student.
Amy in high school.
Amy a "normal" like other girls.
In 2005, Amy entered the music business has been 2 years but has not established names. Only when the album Back to Black was released in 2006, Amy Winehouse really become a phenomenon.
The days of emerging picture of the singer who is associated with slanting eyes and black beehive hairstyle is not in touch.
That was the time when Amy started evils often fall into the street in revealing costumes, weird diffusion.
Not long ago, Amy decided to lift the chest and hard exercise. However, the diffusion of her and the monster is not after consecutive deliberately "shipment" to expose big boobs.
The latest pictures of female singers Back to Black, Amy now has more fat and looks like she has gradually feminine consciousness about his appearance, they must.
Baby cat

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