Sunday, February 20, 2011

Request non-binding - please say thank you for sex

To get the plan "neat", the most exciting day for relaxing, Fridays remember watching Visit Menu weekend entertainment iOne selected by teen yourselves. Make sure to listen-watch-list-play we've read every week, where you will not be disappointed. And options for the weekend filled the air How is your Valentine?
Heard? Le Cat Weight Management vol 1
More than three years after the fever Protruding used to do crazy netizens and the TV audience through programs Vietnamese song, the singer-songwriter young personality Le Cat Weight Management officially released their first album after much promise with the audience. It is too well known in the online community with as many hits Protruding or Golly, Vol 1 album called himself, Le Cat in a cup is put into every song but with a new work that her curly hair from Danang is more than satisfactory.
10 tracks Le Cat Weight Management vol 1 í largely due to her own musical composition is characterized rustic, with a lyric as narrative about life, full of love and experience the difference. Might not be as sweet as a chocolate bar but this disc is definitely a new color for a romantic weekend for you. Suggestions will be a special song Love season - With extremely good and the atmosphere is always offline!
What to see? Love does not bind
What's better than if the movie and book tickets for a romantic comedy but not at the more sweet and romantic to go with "him" during this Valentine's Day?! If so, heartthrob Ashton Kutcher and "black swan" Natalie Portman ready to bring you a movie like this here: Love does not bind. With the viewing angle is very interesting and daring on "Tuesday" X "in the relationship men - women between close friends, the movie promises to bring laughter did not end because of the humor and dialogue situations half laughing and half crying.
Love does not bind revolves around the emotional problems of Emma and Adam - the two friends know each other from the age of 14. Same maturity together, between two seemingly purely a relationship purely friends but it all changed after an accident they have relationships with each other by sight ... misunderstood. Since then, the couple is determined from the beginning that the relationship of two people just to satisfy their physiological, but they soon realized he also needed something more meaningful ...
What to read? Evanescent dream - Candace Bushnell
If no one is unaware of the cult TV series Sex and the City then again few people know that it actually came from a newspaper item, then collected into books and then made into a movie. And author of the joke which is Candace Bushnell. If you like a little romance, a little American-style drama for her this Valentine's Day, do not ignore the latest novel by women writers has been published in Vietnam: Fleeting dreams - A tale of beauty and strength of will to the aspirations of modern women. All ladder of fame has its price.
Janey Wilcox - Lingerie she's famous Victoria's Secret, attempt to climb the ladder of fame in New York society at any cost. The process goes to the top glory challenging and painful when Janey was exposed past troubles with numerous erotic relationship is not transparent. Relationships with friends Mimi Kilroy - a character in the leading position of New York society, good husbands Selden Rose - head cab TV Movie Time, Comstock Dibble lover - Parador Pictures chief executive ... are just a temporary stepping stone to move forward ... Janey

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