Saturday, April 9, 2011

1001 nude model for the community of stars

Nude together for a common purpose for the community, society, many of the stars of our Vietnamese and other foreign stars that are public charities or call the environment is just an excuse to comfort them .. . "Undressed." Who is to protect the environment, the protection of animals or prevention of fatal diseases ..., though the image has reached the level of true art is still not avoid the public whispered.
1. Nude for animal protection
Miranda Kerr
With the message "please protect koala koala, cute angels of Victoria's Secret, Miranda Kerr has decided to lift off Siamese y appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
Miranda Kerr said: "There are about 80% of the species of koala habitat has been destroyed. Even in Australia - home of the Koala is only 100 kids." She urged everyone to actively protect this rare animal species. Left to her own, then: "No trees, no I" is the slogan of Miranda Kerr in this campaign.
Joanna Krupa
Polish supermodel has cooperated with animal protection organization PETA for a nude photo in the "Angel of the animals." Sexy pictures of this protest aimed at pet shops and protection of animal reproduction. During the campaign, Joanna Krupa appears on Playboy magazine and Dancing in the nude picture of an angel with wings. In one picture, her chest holding large crucifix, and in another picture, Joanna hugging a dog and holding rosary beads.
But this photo was organized Christianity harsh condemnation, they gave this is a blasphemous act of faith. PETA is calling them "those who murder and predatory animals," they also said that this organization and Krupa are those who "take advantage of Christianity in the dark purpose."
Waka Flocka Flame
Not only is the female star, rapper Americans also do not mind full of his tattoos ... just leave each sensitive areas to encourage people to limit fur clothing.
2. Nude as the environment
Gisele Bunchen
Gisele Bunchen - famous Brazilian supermodel took nude photos beautiful jungle, her body is on vines and small leaves wrapped in tangerine. Besides these pictures she has line of the sale of footwear bearing his name and will be deducted from that revenue for the fund to protect forests.
Chinese Supermodel
Because green environment clean and beautiful, she's beautiful supermodel China has taken bold nude photos, even illumination throughout the body mud up to all calls for everyone to use environmental friendly.
3. Nude illness
Li, Chung, O Quan Mai Trendsheath shooting nude for the magazine in 2005.
Beginning in 2005, the Journal has launched a movement Trendshealth "pink ribbon" with the message: "All women should know please take care to protect and love your body, especially the prevention of disease breast cancer. "
Alicia Silverstone
Perhaps she was too beautiful model enthusiastically when naked just to call people to support the ... vegetarian.
In Vietnam, Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy had intended to take naked pictures for exhibition and auction, get the money to charity, but then did not see the project is mentioned also by public opinion was mixed. Recently, Thu Dam beautiful naked body paiting for artists who draw on to support Earth Hour. Previously, nude pictures of supermodels Ngoc Quyen project can be seen as the boldest of nude Vietnamese celebrities.
According VTC

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