Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top beauties in the Korean group was male fans love tit

Recent male fans in Korea have made a surprise announcement list of female group members is their favorite.
A most beautiful girl in the group can create the initial attraction from the fans. But it would be very wrong when people think that men are "seeking sex." Because most of us like to see a beautiful girl but would chose a beautiful way to make love. That's why we did not choose the members of the most beautiful girl groups as their idols, but those who choose more normal, A male netizens expressed their views.
The most obvious example for this idea is the comparison and selection of two members Yoona and Tae Yeon of SNSD. Referring to the SNSD, sure if you ask 100 people to 98 people have commented that the most beautiful Yoona. Sources even said that each SME to choose Yoona SNSD because of her beauty. But that does not mean that Yoona reached the sights of male fans. General opinions have said that they liked the most was SNSD Tae Yeon. "She's not pretty, not really outstanding but we like how to behave in her sweet We got married, although she was not paired with handsome at all," a fan of SNSD comment.
Tae Yeon of SNSD and Yoona
Another example is that the members of the group After School. This is a group founded by a group dance, so dance talent is important to join the group. So in terms of talent, who can hardly be surpassed Ju Yeon. Left UEE also hit with movie idol South America and ads for alcohol soju. It was the heyday of these members when she received the most attention and love from the male fans. But now that the attention turned to Nana. Overall, men's preferences change constantly, so you will not have any standards for them both, A female fan has expressed his views on the forum.
For band Kara, Goo Hara the girl is estimated to have the most beautiful appearance. But the boys liked Hang Seung Yeon more. In the opinion of many people, like the innocent male fans, though "not quite cute" by Seung Yeon. In Secret, Sun Hwa Han the most beautiful, but the boys tend to prefer the charm of Hyo Sung. 4Minute also a similar case, Ji Hyun also been voted the most beautiful leader of the leader of the Korean girl group. But the boys chose A Hyun the stars that you love most.
Goo Hara most beautiful group, but the male fans were captivated by the easy-trade-not-completely-Seung Yeon's perfect.
Through the choice and the center of this very reality of male fans, we have added a pretty neat experience there. That is if we do not become a hot girl, do not be sad then, because sometimes these guys seriously will not only look at looks first to like someone, but it's important for them to impress the a lovely personality of every girl there. A Look Hyun, Tae Yeon, Nana ... is to know that!

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