Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spotlight on Asia's top 3 beauty queens

Website specializing in beauty contest results are announced Global Beauties Awards 2011 voted on 15 / 2. The jury consists of experts names have scored the contestants, the biggest beauty contest in the world last year, the venue, the organizers ... in many categories.
Hoa hậu Thế giới Người Việt Diễm Hương đại diện Việt Nam dự thi Miss Earth 2010. Ảnh: Nguyễn Long.
Miss World Vietnamese people represent Diem Huong Vietnam Miss Earth 2010 contest. Photo: Long Nguyen.
The representative of Vietnam was enrolled twice. Luu Thi Diem Huong, Miss Earth 2010 contestant, is one of the three most beautiful Asians appear in the beauty arena in the year. She just behind reigning Miss Earth Nicole Faria (the Indians) and Venus Raj (the Philippines) - Miss Universe runner 4.
Miss Earth 2010, Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) is recognized as the site of the beauty pageant good second, behind China's Sanya (Miss World organization) and also stand on China's Chengdu ( Miss International organization).
Talking with VnExpress.net, Diem Huong, said today (18 / 2), she received many messages of greeting her fans in the top three most beautiful Miss Asia. "I feel very surprised, happy and quietly as well as the efforts of his good work was noticed and recognized. So in my opinion, the title of beauty promoted only when its owners are always working work force not only for ourselves but also contributes to assist others in their capabilities, "said Miss.
Beauty, said the title of top 3 most beautiful Asian beauty that made her feel to do more to respond to people's feelings. "People joke with me that Miss youngest fans. That's what makes me happy because many young people believe and want to express my enthusiasm and participation in volunteer activities, social meaning, "she said.
Representative of Vietnam to attend Miss Earth 2010, Diem Huong entered Top 14 and the winning side bathing suit beauties. Before that, she was named in a poll by Global Beauties Miss Grand Slam 2010 and is classified 17 th end.
In the face of the competition to win the largest 5 years (including Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International and Miss Super countries) who crowned Miss Earth Nicole Faria is most appreciated. Next is Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete (Mexico) and Super Miss Karina Pinilla country (Panama).
Below is a list of Global Beauties Awards:
The most magnificent on stage
Màn trình diễn đẹp nhất: Adriana Vasini (Venezuela/World)
The most stunning on stage: Adriana Vasini (Who Venezuela/ Miss contest World.) Runner-up: Jimena Navarrete (Mexico / Universe). Three: Yendi Phillips (Jamaica / Universe).
Best catwalk
Diễn catwalk đẹp nhất: Karina Pinillo (Panama/Supranational)
Best catwalk: Karina Pinillo (Panama / Supranational). Second Place: Angela Martini (Albania / Universe). Ba: Jennifer Pazmino (Ecuador / Earth).
And vibrant personality
Rực rỡ và cá tính: Jesinta Campbell (Australia/Universe)
And vibrant personality: Jesinta Campbell (Australia / Universe). Runner-up: Jimena Navarrete (Mexico / Universe). Three: Adriana Vasini (Venezuela / World).
The most beautiful evening gown
Trang phục dạ hội đẹp nhất: Venus Raj (Philippines/Universe).
The most beautiful evening gown: Venus Raj (Philippines / Universe). Second Place: Anna Poslavskaya (Ukraine / Universe). Three: Hana Verna (Czech Republic / Supranational).
Face of the Year
Gương mặt của năm: Emma Wareus (Botswana/World).
Face of the Year: Emma Wareus (Botswana / World). Runner-up: Jimena Navarrete (Mexico / Universe). Three: Nicole Faria (India / Earth).
Most Photogenic
Ăn ảnh nhất: Nicola Mimnagh (Scotland/World).
Most Photogenic: Nicola Mimnagh (Scotland / World). Second: Rozanna Purcell (Ireland / Universe). Three: Manasvi Mamgai (India / World).
First of contemporary fine
Đệ nhất mỹ nhân đương đại: Sandra Marinovic (Slovenia/Supranational).
First of contemporary fine: Sandra Marinovic (Slovenia / Supranational). Second Place: Angela Martini (Albania / Universe). Three: Yuwaret Sirirat Rueangsri (Thailand / World).
Mặc áo tắm đẹp nhất: Angela Martini (Albania/Universe).
Even the most beautiful swimsuit: Angela Martini (Albania / Universe). Second Place: Karina Pinilla (Panama / Supranational). Three: Nicola Mimnagh (Scotland / World).

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