Thursday, April 14, 2011

The three hottest bikini styles

Update 3 new style as "the" bikini, girl home. That pretty extreme!
With a summer full of sunshine and the chance to show off to look at the swimming pool or sea, we spoiled girl "choice" the beautiful bikini and trendy. In the month "by fire" this, what a bikini "slim" teengirl are looking to buy "parts to keep." Together they point me in the soy sauce and fresh ears of a young beautiful and sexy bikini nhé.
Plain and striped bikini:
The piece bikini with tie is always a charming selection of her own body image and standards. Then choose to give you the difference?! That's a problem there. These girls really want to stand out, do not choose swimwear with flowers, soft feminine look like "her" other. Do you have a pretty standard shape and thus select the color bikini is smooth and coordinated many bright colors. Will certainly bring its own unique place you. In order to add strong, you can choose the bikini with thin colored stripes motifs, is quite interesting.

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất1 - Thời trang bikini

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất2 - Thời trang bikini
Colors of the slender charm of bikini

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất3 - Thời trang bikini

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất4 - Thời trang bikini
With the brilliant line "7 rainbow"
Bikini caro who dress form:
Vignettes from the caro who said you know this hot summer already. Now is the new combination between these motifs to design dresses young bikini wearing out. What kind of bikini style would suit her very own loins and that the "less than" a bit bulky. Feminine dress design will hide your flaws and bring graceful looks confident as ever. Also, when walking, sunbathing or drinking water in a swimming pool, you can also combine the same shirt bikini jean shorts. You will find it effective immediately. Very cool and blow the ears that home.

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất5 - Thời trang bikini

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất6 - Thời trang bikini
Dress design soft hide your flaws

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất7 - Thời trang bikini
Caro patterns in young and cool

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất8 - Thời trang bikini

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất9 - Thời trang bikini
Strong when combined with short jean
Bikini feminine dirt road swing:
Charm of giving girl bikini lines are extremely soft and feminine. The sexy bikini from a few more points dirt road swing will give you a sexy look, her tone the momentum will be very "up" this kind of bikini. Duct in the road or in the official chests are giving her the girl they look attractive, but only her stylish new "groom" only. So let's make beautiful girl yourself. To many eyes admiration "as" forever alone!

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất10 - Thời trang bikini

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất11 - Thời trang bikini
The dirt road on the relative populations charming

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất12 - Thời trang bikini

Ba phong cách bikini hot nhất13 - Thời trang bikini
Sexy edge along the duct where chests

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