Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shaped dancing 'Po Ro' s why Vietnamese

Thuy Tien, Vu Thu Phuong, Thu Minh area map dance extremely sexy and flexible nhé!

In each picture, you will see how the soul his idol in the dance: Vu Thu Phuong luxury. haughty, Huy Khanh polished look good on peach flowers, Thu Minh as intense as the dance that she and the couple pursued Anna - Hua Vy Van extreme ... kute.
After a period of preparation and training. Night "Night Launch" (Presentation Night) opened for the Universal Dance Step Program 2011 will be held at 20h on 17 / 4 (ie Sunday) at the Sports Palace Ngua - Hanoi . The program was broadcast live on VTV3 - Vietnam Television Station.
Vu Thu Phuong is paired with Tisho - he has the same steering station Ngo Thanh Van went to the spot of BNHV 2010.
Huy Khanh dance material "plastic" as you saw her?
Thuy Tien has found a good view of the tango atmosphere to it!
Kim Thanh Thuy Hien and this will show the guts of the "little pepper" for that view.
Thanh Thuy and his dance partner on young shoots.
Nguyen Vu seems very focused interesting!
Mc Dai Nghia cheering when you get her lovely face jumps distant Katy Perry.
Professional singers Thu Minh Dance music this time as efforts to prove their strength.
Rock and dancing a little two concepts go together, so the performance of the UK Department BNHV this time will be more provocative.
One of the best, most pairs: Anna - Hua Vi Van.
We prepared to watch the first night of BNHV 8pm on Sunday (04/17) on VTV3 nhé!
Chieu SaImage: Ly Vo Phu Hung

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