Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bye, old man!

(AP) - Here are the ways to shrug off the "shadow past" and the problems associated with "the ancients".

Goodbye, once and forever

The problem is how you end the relationship. If you break to come back a week later, you have created a dangerous precedent. If you want to get rid of old lovers, be true and the man ended the relationship really neat. Remind yourself behaving like a man every desire to return to her wake. 

Stating why you want to say goodbye

Make it clear to her why things should end and why you do not want her side again. The next time you want to find you, she will find it very difficult by the fact that you definitely do not need her anymore. Imagine the split will be difficult like if she thought I still have a chance. The truth will make her heart, but otherwise it can not hurt to pull it out to be. 

Do not flirt her

The girls believe that men are easily relented before women. So why you added fuel to the fire to send up to look hot like her? Keep your distance and do not let myself running next to "the ancients", of course, unless you want. 
Dating another girl

Do not dating right away with another girl just to fill the gap dating, especially if you're bored with love. But if you want your ex really understand the problem, you can date someone to change the atmosphere and help her forget about tired, unhappy past.

Let the "new" call "old people"

There are not heartless? Yes. There are effective? Completely effective. Let your new girlfriend to call her. All she could talk about your hobby or gifts appropriate for you. If you want to do this new girl, let her do. 

Do not play the wrong signals

If you do not want to stay by her side again, speak out - clearly and distinctly dropped. That thousand thousand times better than you hesitant, indecisive with their emotions and feelings tease her. Let your friends know you love both ends to ensure they can avoid the negligence did not cause shame. 

Do not be intimate with her again

Many screamed that the man how they can get rid of "the ancients"? How can they mess out while still looking to "the ancients" to every sight, lonely, weak heart? This is something you should avoid at all costs. Let's fight and his desire to win yourself. Please take a cold shower to sober out.

Lack of respect shown to her

Sorry to give this advice, man does not want to appear rude to a woman, but sometimes, were herded into a corner, forced men to act so clearly political opinions . Say what caused her heart sometimes the best solution.

Be flexible, smart

It's ironic that women are more excited than when you oblivious to them. The more you implement the above tips, the more she can be attracted and treat you like a challenge. Maybe you'll encounter more problems with the "ancients." Please apply in each tricky situation lightly. 

Dating her friend

Make sure that you resolve the situation, but most likely, will cause other problems ...

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