Thursday, April 14, 2011

Internal medicine for the bride

Everyone wanted his bride the perfect wedding. They occupied in selecting dresses, choosing shoes, hair, skin care, makeup ... which can to ignore something very important. That furniture y.
Maybe you have prepared a lot of things, but you will not be able to confidently step out if lack of appropriate internal medicine. Underwear inside to have an important influence your outer beauty. If you do not know how to choose, then go find the answer.

Nội y cho cô dâu1 - Thời trang nội y
First of all, do not ever save with lingerie for wedding dresses. It should be consistent with your chosen dress style. For example, if you plan to wear a strapless wedding dress shirt open shoulder design, you will need a bra no bra straps or spinning. It also creates style and charm of your appearance. Wedding day can be unique in my life, so surely you would want your best!

Nội y cho cô dâu2 - Thời trang nội y
The preparatory work for the wedding can make you anxious and a little leaner. So, remember to try the underwear to fit it. But if you're slightly overweight, and want to choose one of tight underwear with a desire to help their slimmer then consider. By bundles too tight underwear cause unpredictable consequences. We can create short line and makes you fatter. Bo is too tight will make you uncomfortable, hot and breathing difficulties. Therefore, it is best to select the correct size.

Nội y cho cô dâu3 - Thời trang nội y
Chip select populations also need to consider. If you wear a nude wedding dress designs, with slim and lightweight fabric or chiffon voiles, it would be awkward if the underwear lines and colors leaked out. With inflated skirts design, placement, you will choose more freely. But still the best choice panties comfort, hugging fit, do not make the short, white or light colored with the same dress.

Nội y cho cô dâu4 - Thời trang nội y
A glamorous pair of socks and also a very important match when you wear a wedding dress. We help you become more perfect.

Nội y cho cô dâu5 - Thời trang nội y

Nội y cho cô dâu6 - Thời trang nội y
Here are just pay attention when you conduct the wedding. Also in the wedding night, of course, you can choose to complete any outfit that you like, sexy, charming, charismatic intensity. At this time, no one said if you wear the right or wrong.

Nội y cho cô dâu7 - Thời trang nội y

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