Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teen lend strength class

New facebook Lan Nguyen, who can you trust her to play this very subject. Photo series "referendum" LV, Chanel and Gucci authentic intact both boxes and wrapping paper magazine ranked closely together. Some photos also "equivocal," the familiar yellow wrapper Hermes bag. Profile Picture him looking pile of photos, people immediately think of a sub-station messages, use labels unstinting hand. To further illustrate the wealth, also features photos Lan eat buffet at the hotel 5 stars, and then pulse signal to the bar pretty bags.

Only a couple of her friends are out, all the "evidence expensive" ... it is all fake. Do not consume wealth, family circumstances, but only in the form of average Lan Nguyen is fairly common disease among people aged players Today, there is the need to represent in effect, showing the extreme wealthy, although what little breeze out there association with any client. Blog leave room for facebook, and this is the paradise of endless bragging. There are maps showing the effect, no ... they also have to show off. And so the borrowing to "show" was born playboy.
Visit her body with an older sister is not short of money to spend in effect, Lan nearly blinded because the portable bag that she go to work, the cheapest and approximately $ 2,300. She played to her house, bag and shoes Salvatore LV, Burberry belts out full bedrooms. See map name is "wasting" in the corner, Finland had the idea of ​​capturing and then "showing off for other" sister. Only thing instead of user name is you, then up to facebook, you will stand to "receive" help! Think is done right, she took the camera to capture stack effect map, do not forget to pull out the paper bag to complete the shooting. To increase the "true", Lan ... deliberately sticking legs, then reached into shooting too. Of course, post photos on facebook the next day before that people just love squint. Lan bear any merit comment players rumbling, from which she borrowed addictive game map always "show" to demonstrate their level of their play. Photographing the borrowed items, but in real life, Thailand is very hard to hunt fake handbags and travel around more, to prove "the same image with the real ..."!
Showing of interest is difficult to give up a lot of soy information. Next, the "people play" line in the Cathedral, and SH series showing employers cutting mechanism on the car sit for people who love watching the little, watching the car and admired the "rich" are many. LX and then found out at the bus stop on foot in Japan, each with a color, is the owner blog post up with pride "unmatched." Now, motorcycle show, telephone or spreading money photography has become boring. "Play" is in effect to show off, showing off the bag crisis, marks the latest Dior or Dolce pants, and sat on four wheels (the driver it) and "happy self" in a natural way possible, ie "show it, but not showing off." The new show, "boasts the technology of" innovation and is now much more complex.

Gliding on facebook, maybe more people will think soy is happy news now. Page 15, 16 were given the keys quite silver car rates. But the truth is only 1 / 3 of which are held "key" genuine, the rest is definitely fake!
Tung "ball" is a become accustomed to the style "show of" this type of loan. In his original meeting, the talk show's indispensable. But enough to show, only 1.2 children. The rest is very hard to borrow the car of his / her home, then your drive is set up Stage. And in the process of "moving like turtles" in the street (because they do not know which driver), must always have a "logistics" to sit beside them, holding the camera scene "zai right, girls to" holding the steering wheel . Image after editing will be proud owners up to facebook to see who commended the spoiled playboy. Parts counting, do not take street style, people will love mode "breeze of the countryside", which must be properly outside the arts. "Logistics" sitting behind angling to shoot, how to present images that are not "clients", but subject to clearly see a genuine logo are eel family members in the steering wheel. Shots like this rage to level, just gliding through a loop will see a lot of soy facebook message ava requisitioned.
There are blowing believe cravings do not map to shoot do for tired, just hard work ... and Google will place dozens of the "playboy" to show off. Like Thanh Mai, her famous in soy sauce with the screen showing that information to discover the "origin", people only know clam tired sigh.
No friends or siblings effective use maps, but the bar did not resist the show's popular hobby. To "legalize" Profile Picture, she chose to have fast, enough practical, the search "lie rough", or wander to find cheap Buy photos benchmarking, performance or unloading bags. Long have the LV or Chanel, Gucci ... road is okay. A few pictures of her to her words "is a favorite. Why twist! "As true. People do not know the game very high ideal diet, but already know, everybody was ... warm wall.
Lie when things are not showing off your before after what was exposed. But somehow just because they want to "make people a minute to play," but the message still trying to blow life trying to show off to die?!
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