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The secret wisdom of the wife

Choose the attention of people, taking care of a husband was hard, but harder to keep her husband. Why to take and how to keep? Talk Crap following can help you budget. Please start with the story ...

1. A woman over 30 years old, the new one, so that her husband this ancient capital indecent, suddenly famous "goats blood" go dangling "rubbish boyfriend." She endured grinding, day and night comfort that her husband would not listen. Depression so she decided to commit suicide. Suicide by gun. Only one shot was found dead. But to die immediately from writhing in pain ... She thought and looked to a "consultancy".

After hearing her presentation, the consultant advised him: "If this should be shot in the heart." "But how to know the heart?". "This nhé. She took the left nipple as a standard, how about 2 cm above the heart. " Thanks for the advice was golden, that afternoon, after writing "testament" reminding me, with the warnings, guys silver bumper husband, she made right. Shot fired "Bum." She did not die. By a bullet through the heart but did not puncture the colon.

Wound healing, she pushed him to the consultants required to pay it back. Due to financial activities should be required to have a "referee." The minutes of the conclusion of "referee" specify: "Guidelines for consultants are not wrong. The reason that bullets did not hit the heart because she has long refused to care for the body, so close to the cord running down his chest. Bullet pierced the colon is so. " So clear.

The conclusion also works to explain "the husband" that gays are suddenly cut down because it was his wife "a woman looks worn eyes," but his wife, the "new leadership that wants to bring a ... for "by the diffusion process, sleazy, too fresh diaper. Do not know after the suicides did not die of this, she has learned that lesson: To keep her husband must first know to maintain, care for their beauty, to watch her husband, and then one wants to lower natural is watching their work.

Unfortunately sisters we often make the mistake very seriously: We look to the galaxy core, not to watch her husband watching. So every time you step out the door a long slender skirts short skirts, painted eyes, the bowl lip, fragrant perfume, said laughing. But at home, unkempt hair, the unkempt, clothes are not, each ear, chest, flows through the melon, then you speak sharply; "touch stone baskets fork", "verbal scolding chicken dog" ... So in the eyes of her husband, she will always be his wife, was the old football radio, voice, speaker, open now through 24/24, the only open, not shut down ... While others looked at her the way she does pretty well. From that bored, nowhere new students looking to cut down "by strangers."

2. There are many very smart way her husband. Am always up very early, cleaning house, clean cup of warm ... worries everything is done, wash it clean ... The husband was still dreaming in bed and suddenly I felt a cool hand placed on the forehead, and gently caressing voice: "My dear, was 6 hours, he got up only. He got up exercise, a cool bath, breakfast done, lest late to work. "

Open-eyed husband, his wife clearly know that the beautiful star, brightly smiling face, ebony black hair streams have washed, peeled nà bust, slender hands, voice, Wow, how cute. He felt extreme happiness, that the galaxy's most beautiful wife, the best world. On the street encounter any "person" which, he agreed that his wife plucking worse turn.

There was the wife knows beauty care to look like her husband, her husband how clever way, only those men which have "mental illness" last out "your" at home looking for "the stranger" and then who knows true recipe for "si-da", "ET" in the body.

Say that life very complicated. Still not at the man with "mental illness" that type. If that is the case, particularly if her husband has discovered "lover" is how handled? Crap I would talk some more about little sisters.

My cousin is doing his director of a play suddenly was promoted to Deputy Director of Planning for a large. Subsidy period, the professional development chair full of grace perks that so many people crave. So many guys ken, want to "depose" him to "occupied."

My brother capital handsome, very charming to talk to many people, especially "women" to love. I feel he has, or "compassionate." "Heel A-sin" is where he and his little trumpet of taking advantage of your hands.

They arranged a beautiful her staff are always quite dating, sometimes showed his caring "a bit overkill," a ty. Then the voice on the words he was released, with wings, so she flew straight to my ears. Capital available, "blood reimbursement" in the blood vessels, new vaguely that she was not your only popular "slow bread."

She released him to my office, burst into the room all the leaders to denounce her husband, abusive husbands, including sin, condemned her husband ... Just like you said, he is a guy I just scandalous, ignoble. She suggested the agency must review and discipline, or dismissal of him, tell him to go and work for education reform. Her hunt for what she thought was her "boyfriend pairs" with her husband to "see the tear break into a hundred pieces."

Her body as riots, despite everything to stigmatizing, humiliate her husband. Not hustle, she also on his home, the home she claims defamation husband anymore. Results them the opportunity to take advantage of inflated, an important chemical to create pressure for organizations to be disciplined, "deposed" I lost my deputy. Honor and his relationship with her hurt too seriously no way to heal, forcing him to break up with my sister. Now he worn his sadness, anger that she remains that wild relatives regretted by his blindness, it was late, had lost all ...

My friend Saigon genuine original, as the General Manager for a large company. multi-talented man, remains very "him any." Erotic ty should also have some "dangling" with a young office worker. In life people are often much more successful guys jealous. My friend also, a deputy chief and two of he kind of did. No new anything bad about him, they cut into the conversation "mistresses." Sinister, they are smart "information" he said to his wife, the wife used to "kill" him.

Saturday week, from Lai Thieu to his wife. Inform each other of bad guys know to follow the tragedy "jealous" How that will happen and would take advantage of the intended target. But then after you pay me worried. Thu, his wife that evening to invite her to other employees. Of course her staff to panic.

Only assured when she found her happy, smiling Thu. She said: "Mai Sunday, dinner party, she wants to invite a friend to his fellow players, is not she help her?". Shu (girls name)  sigh, such as opening flag in the abdomen, she was eager to get the food shopping, you should make this dish, debt ...

At noon after dinner drink very happy place. Of course some are "bad fellow players" are also invited and they still beat tragedy waiting to happen to make envious noisily up. When the hall indulge guests laugh, then at room Thu Shu close call.

Friendly voice, she said: "The things distant, but on this she knows. She thanked me, because he was away from her I cared. I loved him, that's understandable. Stage by his beautiful, talented, anxious to know to make thousands of staff, worried the state budget in full. I love you, do not blame her. If you promise to ensnare the bad, he was only responsible for damages.

But for me, brothers and sisters living together had two children face, put together what is easy. Therefore, from now you still care I thoroughly as before, but what the "sexual exhibits dangling" with him shall be cut immediately. I do not blame her if not evil. Not bear children? ".

"Yes, I would hear her." Two mechanical hands to show our friendly and well instead of promises, then the hall happy to everyone.

Thu has behaved like that, keep her husband, keeping up appearances and positions for the husband, to keep the family happy, that bad people are not taking advantage of the excitement, that "lover" to her husband's "recovery center, Password recovery "that the implementation of commitments, which must respect her husband and of course fear realized," the fewer, more crime "that if sugar in the right direction with his wife.

Two  such cases, no comment, make sure you also learned why "widows" and "husband kept secret." Talk Crap, there is not anything you would generously of things.

According E. Middle
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