Monday, February 7, 2011

Porcelain doll" most kute ASIAD 16

Round baby face and cute eyes sparkle, female table tennis players Fukuhara Japanese quickly gained the love of many fans.
Yesterday, at the Palace Guangzhou was held table tennis tournaments in the framework of ASIAD 16. Fukuhara female Japanese players played excellent and won much love from the fans. After the Chinese athletes, Fukuhara female players winning the most applause of the audience.
Fukuhara's face to charity
Fukuhara was born on 1/11/1988, she was the female table tennis players young and very promising in Japan. Round baby face and cute eyes sparkle, Fukuhara quickly gained the love of many sports enthusiasts.
 Fukuhara began developing talent at 5 years old
Started learning to play table tennis at 3 years old, come at 5 years old, this young girl had received HCV league table children nationwide. With his natural talent and style were lightning fast attacks from the two corner tables, Fukuhara has won all table tennis championships in Japan and has been awarded "Ambassador of Japan Table Tennis copies in China. "
Along with step closer to the world, attended ASIAD 16, Fukuhara closer to sports fans.
Female athletes are Japanese fans love pretty
Thanks fluent Chinese, she was known as a "porcelain doll" with ivory skin and the Chinese Embassy in Japan called informal "ambassador of the people."
Fukuhara are competing successfully in ASIAD 16
Join this ASIAD 16, Fukuhara said that "Initially I was quite stressful because I did not play well, your hands feel a bit stiff and not flexible reflector. However, after receiving applause from the audience fan, I cheer up and play a lot better.
In the quarter-finals, Fukuhara, together with his team to victory Ishikawa two rival Korean side. After the match ended, respond to the press, Fukuhara said that she feels more excited about getting the enthusiasm of the audience.

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