Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eyes with hot skirt "on the show, cut the" beauties of Vietnamese

Vietnamese American Apparel's recent trends are progressively less fabric, the result is the very dress faux pas was born ...

Each incident is not on stage but unfortunately Vu Thu Phuong is still confident voinhung dress and open the crack under too much like this.

Thanh Truc indeed look very sexy in sexy blue skirt and professional styling of this type

Ngoc Quyen still young birds have a habit of showing off the dresses and even within a long thin legs

From time to time new viewers have the opportunity to watch Quynh Trang sexy high cut dress with thin legs like that show

In this dress, Ngo My Uyen looks somewhat older but no less sexy look

Phuong Linh rarely pick the costumes just showing off sexy legs sexy just showing one like this

Crystal's dress was "stamps" down the front to make a clean break and how

Property white-skinned Thai Ha so very comfortable in choosing the appropriate color for each outfit

Possesses a relatively well within a "framework" Chung Thuc Quyen so do not hesitate to open the skirts just below the newly exposed

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