Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zac Efron to replace the shirt as replacement

These days 'taste' of the men again turned to the long legs of Australia.

It seems like after the break-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgends suddenly filled the cool guy actor son Zac Efron more and more involved in missions, "love them" with the beautiful people. Although tried quietly as possible, but the star of the cult High School Musical still can not escape the paparazzi and constantly grab in the travel times along the beautiful people dating. Not so that when the fans still love Zanessa sorry for his girlfriend and still keep up with the new boyfriend Zac Efron became Don Juan in the eyes of many people as constantly changing "subject to attack."
Recently, seems to have fed the hot Hollywood beauties, Zac Efron began turning to the long legs of Australia. After a short romantic dating actress Phoebe Tonkin a while ago, last week caught Zac dating back inside a nice bag of origin Mouse: Teresa Palmer. Famous after starring in the movie with Daniel Radcliffe December Boys, Teresa timer that many of her jealous when Zac spent the whole day to accompany and gallantry in the appointment of two people in Los Angeles.
Zac Efron and Teresa Palmer
The new couple went to Teresa's new movie: Take Me Home Tonight then go to dinner and then it is almost always stuck close to each other all the time going to dance clubs. With attractive appearance combined with his famous look, no charge Zac Efron people immediately recognize: "They were holding hands and talking intimately at dinner, it seems both liked each other." Another witness encounter and Zac Teresa Voyeur in nightclubs even said: "They drank tequila and even climb up the table to dance. He also hugged her hips and dancing girls is sexually suggestive ... They seem not interested in people We noticed her around anymore. " Watch out, after this, Zac Efron will lose significant points in the heart of this teen girl!

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