Sunday, February 20, 2011

Email Print Hot! Buzz! Twitter Facebook Lo cool photos, Rihanna bombed nearly 4,000 messages

In the new campaign that seems to continue pursuing Rihanna black. She has been the fans, "opened" a few photos sex.

A nick is a fan of Rihanna Rihanna Pina threw up a link online, which saves a topless photo's newest star.

Although this was nude "discreet" different from the pictures Rihanna had been revealed, but fans still extremely urgent.
Files caused waves to Rhihanna.

When the picture was discovered, has sent Rihanna nickname Pina take .... 3764 Message of the Umbrella star for "questioning." Therefore, although deliberately "looked neglected," but in the end, before the storm this message Rihanna has had to admit that nude photos of her. "It could be me" - Rihanna respond.

When Rihanna official recognition of this picture, many fans have spoken out in her party. Much of that picture "happy self" of his idols were not so "retaliating" like guns and also reflect the action of Pina Rihanna. "Take a nude or not it is the right of Rihanna. Where necessary to make the nearly four thousand sent a message to terrorists like her instead. It is not an unreasonable action star. "
Rhihanna admitted on twitter about her nude photo sale
But there are also some of the feedback that, Riahnna more careful with the actions of their immature. "Rihanna is a celebrity. She should take responsibility for what they do. An idol that all day long sex video leaked so will adversely affect the ideological future of the young, "fans comment.

Seems to become well-known "complex" seats. But Rihanna should also reconsider its order to create a beautiful image and perfect, right?

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