Sunday, February 20, 2011

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sick of paparazzi

It seems the celebrity couples Twilight glass tube being overly so both siblings must be tired í admit that they have been fed all day little scene paparazzi stalking and prying heir of his private life. Recently, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart camera back together just to go to the pub with his colleagues in the film Kellan Lutz. The trio hit it of course can not escape the lens of several paparazzi after dinner when dare "desperate" to invite each other into the pub "entertainment" next.
More information is shocking is not the first vampire guy Robert Pattinson take her to the pub love you '. Rob and Kristen were both patrons of the bar in Baton Rouge and Los Angeles. "They drink till late, about 2 am and dancing and singing happily. Although not sit next to each other, but everyone realized that Robert and Kristen is dating. They never sat too far apart or as dance is always sticking to each other "- a witness present at the pub said.
A source said, the couple entered the restaurant looked pretty tired after meeting the crew and they even asked journalists not to take his picture. Clearly both Robert and Kristen are fed up has dragged on throughout the day in the papers because the transition from - especially when the action seems very inconsistent with their teen audiences. It seems both stars of this cult finally found a really annoying paparazzi!

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