Saturday, February 19, 2011

"The mother chatter" Phuong Trinh cherished dream Miss

Get familiar with the audience right from the very young, and now has in hand for nearly 40 different roles, but with the equation, it is time for new girls to show off their talents.

Began to grow accustomed to her role
Just over 10 years of age, the equation - her actor with long hair and intelligent eyes accepted the role in Yuen Lan Children's Mother. Whether acting skills are still many shortcomings and is somewhat overshadowed by famous actors such as Thanh Thuy Phung Phi, Bao Chau, Mai Dung ... but it can also see it as a memorable landmark in the years path of the Virgin art.
Phuong Trinh said: "Up until now, when the streets are called Virgin who called Mother Love Children, this is a great encouragement when the roles to be remembered."
In subsequent years, the equation continue to participate in other films, including the role of Vy (at small) in Mui ngo gai, Han's Exciting Summer Kieu Ly and the Tuesday Hoc Tro. But apart as Vy, the two roles remain to cause a lot of attention.
By going for some time, the equation back to the small screen with her role in the conservatory students about to premiere film titled The single parent. Hope this process will be an opportunity to present a quite different picture of the character as a child before.
Many people said that was too rush Phuong Trinh when want to "adult", while yet more capital and live audiences still want to see Phuong Trinh "negative" on the small screen, she happily said: "Figures Mail Song The single parent a student, of course, more mature, but there are moments of chatter quick, mischievous. The vibrations of love and very gently in the morning. The truth is that sharp differences in the character of a student and her students also are not too many, what is the Song Thu Trinh may still have some pictures of previous characters. "
It is known that after The single parent shutdown, it will continue traveling on movie studio End of the runway.
Try singing field

Rapid progress in the 7th art, the equation still want to challenge yourself as an artist. No secret of his new passion, the equation reveals, she is actively practicing bar and dance training to prepare for the planned attack on this new playground.
As a matter of chance, the process of filming The single parent, The equation to practice and perform a few scenes singing, and this has helped Virgin realized his passion and decided to try. With the equation, this is not a trip that really is a serious investment.
Many people can say, the equation is reckless as Vietnam's music market is quite narrow with many new faces, but was standing on the stage, received the applause of the audience is the dream of the Virgin , and nothing happier than when these things can turn into reality.
Cherished dream of becoming Miss Vietnam South
Phuong Trinh asked whether ambition to retain Miss Vietnam South that she shared a few years ago, she made me quite young actor when it suddenly: "It's not one time where her dreams. From an early age, while watching the Miss, you have to create designs that mimic both laughed. Seeing the three new classes for children on child modeling. By now, I still believe in their own decisions, and this is one of the things you most want to do and know that there are many smart, talented and beautiful than his. But this does not make me frustrated, but also promote their more advanced and more complete. "
Made famous as he should Phuong Trinh inevitable scandal, especially information Phuong Trinh arrogant and complacent with our own success, but if given the opportunity to chat with Trinh know there are new rumors unfounded.
Can not know for sure in a few years Phuong Trinh really successful with their own projects or not? There are sick "star" or not? but certainly one thing that equation is still fun to sit in cafes along the way, still enjoy eating the snacks, still shy when asked about the age of vibration of certain student and still ... remain a passion for art, especially the dream of becoming Miss Vietnam.

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