Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daughter sex with stepfather

Look up through a crack in the door, I stood to see the City and his daughter loved being rolled married. The wild like a wild animal trying desperately to discover her young virgin silk ...

I stood to see the City and his daughter loved being rolled married.
8 years ago, my husband to leave because of traffic accidents on the road from the unit to visit my mother. Life seemed weighed heavily on his shoulders when families do not have skinny man to rely pillars. When my daughter was only 12 years old, the age he is still innocent, so innocent ... But love your mother, daughter to school every day worries about meals, laundry and house cleaning help her. Life is somewhat comforting to have a good children polite and gentle love and worry for parents. It is a precious gift thing left for my life now ...
3 years later, I went a step further with the guy with the agency. The never married, never love me less and four years old. Everyone told us not to be together because the two are not the age difference that family circumstances were very different! Into a single son in a family routine, family education, parents are civil servants have a large position in society. Also, I was a widow woman, with a little home time, and each day have to face many fears of rice, clothes, rice, money and girls who are going old school food.
The emotional well because I'm too big for him overcame all obstacles to come to me. My family life was also originally faced many waves because my daughter does not accept a man to replace his father in this house. But then, as I understand the sadness and sense of the kindness of the City for it, my daughter is also gradually getting along with her stepfather and began with the changes of the new family life.
As well as love and caring and thoughtful of you, our little family seemed to always filled with joy and warmth. He replaced my daughters care, shuttling children to school each time rain storm, I sometimes buy gifts for little girls ... so I started turning over your mother's stepfather it !
Witnessed the gradual maturation of the child, I am proud and very proud because the girls are not the gentle good, hard, but it also has outstanding achievements in learning. Three years it will be good students learn chemistry of the province and its resources are always top class professional accounting.
I'm a little surprised when my daughter is only registered in the University examination in the province without competition in the large school in Hanoi. It was explained to her, "I fear going to school far away, there is no money to cover living away from home. I want to go to school in the city went on with her for fun. I'm afraid to live very far from their families. " The daughter cried when I gave up the dream as lawyers from his childhood educators to study at home. Although sad that her daughter did not choose the path that I've dreamed of since the days of childhood, but also warm when she decided like this because love you ...
My daughter is at boarding school last week The city should back up carrying it on. How well this week, and month, too ... every weekend is the City's transportation back to volunteer on me without warning. Sometimes, I see lemon pleased and worried when my daughter and her stepfather is a bit exaggerated gestures like hair stroked, stroked the cheek and put his shoulders, neck ... I never dare to tell me about it, but inside, there feelings of insecurity to the ineffable.
Until one day, a dozen fire when I discovered the most terrible thing in the world ... Today, I bit tired, so please leave early to go home and rest. When it opened the door, I saw the City bikes still up in the yard and luggage, sandals for my daughter's still in front. I think in the abdomen, and his father is sure what to eat then go here ... But as he entered the house still find quiet space in a strange ...
To call a few hours, but thinks his father is kind to the neighbors should step back to the room slept. Increasingly approached the couple's bedroom, I found the sound very strange but also very familiar ... look up through a crack in the door, I stood to see the City and his daughter loved being rolled married. The wild like a wild animal trying desperately to discover her young virgin silk ... I do not have the courage to stand there a moment longer. Stunned, stunned ... and most of all your pain deep in the heart of this unfortunate mother ...
I quickly returned the car and drove like crazy on the road ... Then, because of control myself so I had an accident and unconscious on the spot. Woke up, I knew I was lying exhausted in a hospital, next to me at the moment is City and my daughter ... I wanted to scream, to shout in the face ignoble man had robbed the innocence of children I am ... But then, I used to cry for that light heart, knowing that the wounds may never heal cause in my heart ...
Although the hospital for three weeks, but the images still haunt him and gritted my bottom each hour, each minute ... I do not know how to escape from this situation again? Is that what my tail that merciless man out of the house? Hay said all the girls to solve the problem in a most peaceful?
No way out for me here?

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