Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sex & friendship without love?

Back, but not publicly, but no binding relationship, but does not require sex. So, can exist in a relationship sexually pure, not the love between two friends? No Strings Attached, and will give you the answer.

Emma was 14 when she refused to flirt Kurtzman children of Adam Franklin Big Lodge, outside the house in the camp Weehawken, none of them have none know the sex of the adult world. A few years later, Emma and Adam met - by chance, as they always like that. Except that this time the meeting ended with a night sight sex.
Emma does not want to be influenced by anything, especially emotional problems. She is not who runs the affair, even to avoid them as "avoid leprosy." As a doctor, she worked tirelessly, often 80 hours a week with the constant shift. She valued the efficiency, and also needs a woman like any other. For her, the agreement with Adam is the perfect answer. Adam - emphasizing the relationship with women, always carefree attitude in life. The son of a TV star of all time, Adam is not difficult to approach women, and he also no stranger to the flirting game. After a broken relationship with his girlfriend Vanessa, he panicked when she is still at his side, but hand in hand with another boyfriend. So, Emma and Adam decided to ... for the emotional stages of development common to merely a "friend."
Back, but not publicly, but no binding relationship, but does not require sex. No responsibilities, no cheating, no jealousy, not false, not to show emotion, not "Do I miss you / me too", not a nickname, ... in short is: no ties. Of the initial plan proved to be perfect to satisfy sexual needs alone. But it does have problems when Adam brings his feelings ... bed. Now, both the common effort to debug the bond between them, and also attempts to answer the question whether there could exist a relationship of pure sex, no love between the two friend? The process of finding a suitable character to play Emma - full of rational woman - was immediately stopped when the actress was nominated for an Oscar Natalie Portman to appear. For Portman, a smart script of the romantic comedy genre will always be welcome. "I found the main character in the romantic comedy often work in magazines or fashion industry. This film is different, it talks about people we know." Portman highly appreciated the character development and description of the image of the woman writer Meriwether. "Liz really makes each character has its own voice. She let the woman be proved funny, interesting, stand at par with the divine men." Emma is a character stand out in the traditional romantic comedy - when the female lead usually purposes only looking for his man, then a wedding. Opposition to that viewpoint, as well as challenge and the biggest hurdle is how to Emma's not love. "Emma is a physician who is not seeking a relationship. She hated to think about sticking with one, because she once faced with the loss," - Portman said.
For as Adam, Reitman said he needed to find an actor and charismatic and attractive to women, has demonstrated the precarious journey to discover love. Adam Reitman see the comedian Ashton Kutcher, who has the perfect combination of looks and charm that her role requires. For Meriwether, Adam Kutcher plays the perfect choice. "Ashton brings a new wind for character evolution emotions almost entirely contrary to Emma. Adam to put Emma back milestone when she was wide open heart. And if a person can change of heart woman like that, it would be Ashton Kutcher. "Portman also talked about her costar:" Ashton is very fun, comfortable, and humorous. I liked how he looked and acted in improvised scenes. " In response, Kutcher also commented on her costar: "Natalie always had good preparation. She is a sweet and sincere. A perfect your performance." After the "accident" was met by Emma , Adam did not know who you should approach old how. He decided to appear at the hospital with a gift. "Before you begin a relationship, people often feel the need to place markers identifying it. And sometimes, it is placed in a sealed container. Adam and Emma - from two friends to display unexpected sex. According to common sense, one would be compelled to appear with a gift. My character was brought to Emma a balloon. "- Kutcher said. Meriwether writer said," We discussed quite a lot of this information. Most are found to appear at work by others with a balloon after night sex really too funny. I think that's how to tell Emma Adam, who never replied to his call, that she can not disappear from his life. And if you try to make her intentions, he would appear at work with a balloon to make her not knowing where to hide his face. "

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