Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lo hot photos of Queen Ngoc Trinh underwear?

A few hours ago, a girl whose picture faces identical  Ngoc Trinh pose "no nude" has spread rapidly on the internet. Reportedly, this is still broken "errors" in the photo-sensitive 3 posted on a web page with the title "Queen of Internal Medicine Ngoc Trinh . " 

The girl in the picture there are many similarities Ngoc Trinh , from face to hair. More titles from the web site has released this image that many people believe this is a hot picture of the "Queen of underwear." Immediately, the image is widespread and the subject of endless chatter.

However, when asked about this issue, Ngoc Trinh "truth" with management - Mr. Vu Khac Tiepwas extremely shocked and surprised not know anything about these photos. Both said it was notNgoc Trinh . She also said she had never taken the photo sensitive like that.

Since emerging with the title "Queen of lingerie" and recently crowned Miss Vietnam International,Ngoc Trinh scandal has hit many obstacles. So it is clear that public opinion is sensitive to her.Although hot photos confirm this is not his  and is citing evidence eyes but unlike Ngoc Trinh  less scrutiny also makes people talk. By: Channel14

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