Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss Yen My talent is a sexy singer, personalit

- Return to the Miss Teen, My life has changed how?

Hi you! My life's Nest generally do not change too much. My school still and happy, as fast as a normal child. My only thing now that people know more and more attention. Walking ago as a freshman should also not very much familiar and friendly with everyone. But when the Miss Teen, friends, teachers were congratulated, ask, ask My longing joke ... My very pleased and feel very fortunate.
Yang Yen My Mac - The star of Miss Teen Talent 2011.

- The criteria of the competition is looking for talented showbiz, My prize was awarded many talents but not least Miss Teen. Such results have led My happy?
My expectations are not too high to the title but still during the examination of all his efforts.My own effort to know where, I can do what and how. Put My subjective seen himself not as pretty to you but my confidence because I have real talent and bravery to confirm it. My not see injustice when you do not win the highest title for a U.S. to accept.
My original Miss Teen because I wanted to try and fun are key. But when they are caught in the deeper past, America has the resolve and the goal is to award star talent. My very happy to achieve that goal by their own efforts. My satisfaction is still not satisfied with their type of person that always try to improve.
- My thinking is based upon the speaker My mother is somewhat new actor should be the most acting talent but it's actually worth more than you?
Jury to decide who is my interpretation and think they also have to consider carefully before award. Acting is a real strength of America and also set a goal from the beginning to win this award. When winning double with two first prizes and musical talents acting talent, My very surprised and happy. My not so important what people are saying on the sidelines that are not directly discuss with my first. Who told them what the shelf only. Everyone has different perspectives and individual assessment. Talking is the right of everyone and will not explain My much about this issue anymore. How My talents, everyone can see and evaluate objectively.
Yen My had attracted viewers with her fiery dance in the 2011 Miss Teen finalist.
My-So will develop her artistic talents like after leaving Miss Teen?
Art is my passion and my passion will take her to one day. My will to pursue the second path of music and movies with the passion, confidence, his ability. My believe nothing is impossible.My fear of failure, if not the first time to pursue two paths. But if bad luck My fail, not to be too painful and sad. "Failure is the mother of success" which lost the glue and other glues we presented. But I think what will not fail.
But, first, My focus is to study and complete degree programs and try to become a master's degree in management.
- Get a master's degree and administrators to pursue the path of art, plan your future rather contradictory?
Actor, singer and only time only. Beauty and health is not infinite so as not to pursue art again, America will do business. In fact now there are many artists that are still trading well on the way to successful art. I have more because they had already been trained and administration.
- Image of the American artists pursuing what?
With music, My will be a pop singer youthful, vibrant personality, a little sexy. With film, My hope that I will have a role to life in the hearts of readers.
- Swallow My most famous Miss Teen games much, so in real life, your character how children?
When exposed to the American people can see my little talk, but when you get used to it, then My "traditional" too. Children quickly is one of my character.
- The love of my students then progressed to where?
Hi, this must be a little secret.
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