Sunday, November 20, 2011

This series of pictures of hot girl "fever" with a clip to play three instruments at once

This girl had fever on the social network for several days over the clip to play 3 instruments at once. Owning the height of a model - 168cm, she is very beautiful and extremely talented.
Forestry in Korea has become the hottest phenomena of the community network video clip shoot after she performed "Dancing Diva" by Jolin by three different instruments: piano, violin and zither, and at a time. Only four days later upload to YouTube, this clip has attracted more than 2 million view, and on Youku has achieved the 2.7 million mark after only 2 days. This became the second clip viewed more in a week at Youku and sharing with dizzying speed in the forums and social networking.

After this clip released to the network and cause fever, the profile with photos of the girl became the target hunt online.

This talented girl has quickly become a hot girl on the net.
Forestry in Korea not only talented but also very beautiful. 25-year-old girl is evaluated on every "beauty of Taiwan's" own height 168cm, and also known as the actor of the film "Summer Concerto". 2008, she graduated from National Taiwan University Music Department, and is currently a member of Chi Mei orchestra.
Groundwork Han  had studied piano for 15 years, 10 years and studied violin zither in two years, and can be played fluently and combine these three instruments at once.
The same sight unique series of images of beautiful girls and talents to light. In: channel14

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