Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 nail colors will "honor" Winter 2011

Other tips for your nail color trends highlight of the winter are light!
1. Navy blue

Nail each dominant color red carpet a few years ago now since the outbreak appeared in two impressive cult cosmetics BST - Les Jeans de Channel and Blue Tie Christian Dior . This will be the nail color impression for both her ​​favorite rock-chic and vintage style.

Kristen Stewart appear prominently attached sequin dress with glitter and colored
nail navy "food ideas" were released in "The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn."

Nail color has created a strong impression in the show's 2011 BST Thu DKNY, when combined together make up rock-chic style of the 60s and bold retro outfits.

2. Pastel purple

Pastel purple light may make the highlight style to your outfit. Tone color of this light will be more effective when accompanied by outfits such as classical and elegant fur coat, hat, high-level, ankle boots ... And remember that purple pastel generally consistent with the type of short nails Light Version!

Alexa Chung combination of Christopher Kane leather mini dress with colored
light purple nail, creating extremely creative style unique .

This nail color most prominent when associated with short nails type.

3. Red

Red Nail Color is one of the "top" of the winter this year. Like jewelry, red increasingly prominent, the more it helps you express the style and attract everyone's gaze.

Jessica Alba and sexy with classy black dress with delicate red nail color .

Note small for the girls: your red nail color look better when covered with paint ball more. You should also nails the color with these types of coats, jewelry or attached sequin clutch light and gentle tone.

4. Color black chocolate

Ignore the black or brown tone familiar, this year, a mixture of two primary colors make this a positive trend for female attraction. Like the color of a chocolate bar, this color will make you become more sophisticated and fashionable, especially when associated with long nails type material with satin dresses, chiffon, tweed or velvet fabric to important.

Lea Michele 's white Versace dress combined with nail color in a
party of Christian Louboutin in New York.

5. Yellow

Medium yellow nail color to match any style, color, the medium can make you more brilliant in the party last year.

Marion Cotillard use nail color light yellow to go with attached lace skirt style rock.

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