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Pick noel, fine Vietnamese people who closed Lowland, the "cool"

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Enlist the trip in the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur between November, submerged in the beautiful pine trees and sparkling lights in Malaysia, Miss Vietnam World 2010 - Miss Earth is pretty early Noel welcome! With the fresh weather, warm, Diem Huong wearing coveralls with stylized trousers quite active but no less charming.

"Queen of Internal Medicine," Ngoc Trinh also excited to see Santa Claus. Therefore, in the balmy weather of Saigon, the Jade Palace to welcome Noel flimsy dresses. Select chest strapless dress, or dress lightly flowing thin, Ngoc Trinh captured moments of lovely streets of Saigon. In addition, long-legged Kim Dung also eager to air Christmas at hand, the copper 2010 model red dress area, down the street made ​​the image memories. The selected locations were beautiful decorated impression on the streets of Saigon to show off design, photographic memories. Ra Hanoi a few days to attend Fashion Week, Miss Thuy Dung feel extremely interesting to have enjoy the cold winter. In a bold space Christmas, Thuy Dung did not hesitate to pose the design that is extremely "shoot you" next to Christmas trees and snow houses. Thuy Dung costume dark "pile" with the husband sweater and jeans. After being selected as the tourism ambassador of the Philippines in Vietnam, Doan Trang has long journey to this country and "Chocolate" was Early Christmas at the church in Manila. Of course, with the costumes "like nobody" by Doan Trang helped her to create special moments with Noel.

Ngoc Trinh dressed as cool weather Saigon
Kim Dung bright red in color, eager to welcome Noel Street soon.
Miss Earth wearing coveralls with stylized pants welcomed Noel in West Malaysia
Truc Diem - Mai Phuong Thuy to welcome Noel Lowland closed in China
Princess Bao Thy red dress like the Christmas tree
Thuy Dung right HN HH the cold winter weather should be HH sweater coat with jeans
Doan Trang with other people style fashion
Miss Huong Giang with long flowing dress design soft breeze slim design, mix together the Christmas weather
Ngo Tuyet Mai (Hanoi beauty students in 2011) attracted everyone's gaze around with the red dress, sexy V-neck

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