Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I once joined the Vietnamese women suspected case ... Collage is hot

Thuy Tien time dream of snow and have not been sought as much as now. At that time, people just remember to hit her over the internet and is gentle on the "chicken" of National Security .Incidentally, the online community together to detect and relay the images are thought of Thuy Tien shooting style "masturbation". Point worth mentioning is that in some pictures of the mirror with a handheld camera, the heat is hard to control with a party of characters within a completely blown out.

In response to a scandal, Thuy Tien said her pictures were bad guys and kick up cutting compound to cause harm to his name. At that time, hot photos of Vietnamese women artists still "luxury" to subjectThuy Tien was grafted hot photos "  has been talking more and more each time as "deep" than.Even a newspaper would also ask professional photographers "appraisal" see photographs that have been grafted or not. In the opinion of all the photographers are ... Full is the real deal! That if any pair is sure who is a hand jigsaw to use photoshop technology "super peak" and clear understanding of light, color tone ... Can the perfect pair to each ... How millimeters.

Scandal over time and settle down. However, the "accidentally" pushed back is known singer Thuy Tien . Even a later time, Thuy Tien also be seen as a sexy symbol of Tips. Ngoc Trinh TheNgoc Trinh  from the "queen's underwear" overnight became "Miss Vietnam Global" has makes a lot of press ink just to ... "Submersion of" her. And it seems as "dim" the Ngoc Trinh  the more "popular", to the extent that the name of her on google also is double, triple the search results than many artists' names, "the other.

Since then, all the "Oldest" of Ngoc Trinh will be considered as a phenomenon of Vietnamese showbiz so. And this phenomenon is officially "broke" after a nude photograph (thought of Ngoc Trinh few years ago) were "cooked" on the internet. The Ngoc Trinh  insisted "resistance" by the joint opinion deny the photos to be talking on the ... a fake. Even when people compare old photos of Ngoc Trinh and discover the similarities in the face of the "main character" insisted is not.

No recovery, netizens continued determination to find "evidence". And finally, a photo series "very relevant" to each suspected image collage appeared. So far, the majority agreed that the Ngoc Trinh said, only as increasingly futile. However, even scandal subsided, people still have not received any verbal admissions that. Europe is also, of course, spring celebrities who want their image deteriorate in the public eye, especially while holding both the title Miss "giant" next. Angela Trinh Phuong Although only deducted as a teen actress who played the adult "awkward" in real life,Angela Trinh Phuong  is continuously appear on the sensational headlines. The word "offensive dress", "spokeswoman lack of salt and images dating street ... Angela Trinh Phuong is also far more attention than multiply "sister" is a name before.

Perhaps also because of the heat "hard to control" the 17-year-old girl who should hit the "free gas" took advantage of the name of Angela to "fish hotel" on the forum. A nude photos allegedly ofAngela Trinh Phuong has become "hot pepper" a lot of pages online. However, the work ofAngela was "sunk" down quickly because even normal people do not understand too much about image peppers can also recognize that picture puzzles 100%. In response to scandal, The Trinh said she also spent quite sad but accept "the price of fame." Phuong Trinh also revealed that her boyfriend and most of his venerable father always believed and always encouraged .. . Hoang Le Vi Age old life and career of Hoang Le Vi is on the rise, but probably only because she specializes in lyrical music of pretty picky listeners so many people do not know. However, the scandal "music video clip music like sex" suddenly exploded yesterday afternoon will inevitably put the name ofHoang Le Vi "to a new page." Trailer MV of the song I was sorry. .. (by the husband Le Vi - musicians Truong Le Son  creation) unexpectedly fast handed "dizzy" only by the sensitivity to the ...blushes in some movies. In some segments, scenes a male and a female character as "sex" in a "naked" and "flagrant" has caused netizens sparked a wave of backlash.

Immediately, Hoang Le Vi netizens "awarded" a lot "in Vietnam", from "the most daring artists", "MV before today's hottest", "MV 3 levels like most movies "...  But the most obvious of these are not acceptable because it has overcome many limitations and cultural aesthetics allow. On the other hand, many comments also said that if for attention trailer shall be able to recognize the "hottest" in trailer MV appears quite unusual. There are conflicting viewpoints, one is this MV was another hot movie cut pair then go on the internet. Second trailer for the construction of the MV Hoang Le Vi skills are "non" should last up so carelessly. Netizens are waiting for official response from the people involved.But first, if that's assuming pr moves deliberately, they received a "success" (?) First then that! By: Channel14

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