Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Syndrome nude for the famous Vietnamese star

Celebrity real "suffering" and "hard" because of all statements, their actions ... all the attention and create a certain influence on the audience part. Is it also a way to cause "hot" star of Vietnamese or more when the artists' undress - a sexual act, "whether accidental or intentional? This work is made up of the star syndrome ... useful or useless?
From accidentally mixed "lots" ... story of the actor, singer, model ... the clothes look cool and sexy too familiar in the entertainment industry in Vietnam. Just because the clothes that he had "cause sabotage" for many artists, from singers Doan Trang, Minh Hang artist to supermodels Ha Anh, Vu Thu Phuong, ... Models Bebe Pham is easy to see career risk high risk associated with the open flesh exposed skin, Trang Nhung is a model example.

After years of effort and talent show but the page but still be paired with the phrase "beautiful chest revealed."
Up to now, after years of effort and talent show but the page but still be paired with the phrase "beautiful chest revealed." This is the way to many viewers remember the page of the fastest. When I entered her name in every craft medium high, not as famous as some other models of the same age. Trang Nhung, but suddenly "hot" to see through the pictures reveal her breasts displayed on the pages of the network.
But this makes the page bad, and explain their grievances, but whether or not she wants to admit, "revealed the chest" has helped her be better known. But sensitive pictures of Trang Nhung easily be ignored, because it is the theft of photographs backstage meeting her super form.
Green dress slipped to reveal the chest Bebe Pham and Doan Trang reveal internal medicine since unknowingly scooped phase skirt too high
Phase of the highway Nhung Trang akin to mention green dress slipped to reveal the chest Bebe Pham Diamond Night fashion show. Bebe names but also because such cases are referred to and many people are interested. Doan Trang also reveal internal medicine since unknowingly scooped phase skirt is too high. She quickly apologized and promised audiences would dress more carefully.
Ha Anh to her super model singing enthusiastically inadvertently reveals internal medicine in the fiery dance. In addition to the face "typical" hot on the cause by the accidental shipment phase, there are many names as artists "face" the audience by the cool costumes, this slim evidence, and open the other openings.
... Route to the huge body flesh Ms My Beauty is not age with the youth nude pictures scattered on the network. Her name which caused a stir and became a hot topic on the forums, its pages ... Ms My Network explained and disclosed, the sexy pictures that she aims to capture beautiful images save youth and she also said she could not understand why the pictures on the re-released on the Internet?
One of Ms My nude photo taken in 1987.
Every one interested in the artists associated with the scandal would have known she was Le Kieu Nhu. Novels Chain born author Le Kieu Nhu released pictures showing hot body. Sexy pictures from her "scandalous" as performed by "offering", "introduce" to help sell more books. Banned from circulation by the chain is so bad and what is described in the novel is considered vulgar, silly ... So the picture showing flesh hot under the Le Kieu Nhu and book instantly forgotten it.
Strut their sets after the thin sheet highlighting the overseas body as it offers what? Art was the spread overseas as names? Each audience must have found yourself a satisfactory answer. Overseas Vietnamese singer Tina The suddenly hot, thanks to the nude side of the dollar. Photo was taken when her album debuted Tai language. She revealed, before the announcement of the photos she guessed would be an objection on the part of the audience but she was not worried.
She once said: "Tinna not like the superficial. Tinna want to do something really frank, direct. Especially with the currency issue, beauty, desire - something that people have mentioned a lot but just on the words. " Images have shown the idea that she said to her doctor or not but still "help" her cause to the attention for some time.
As strut their overseas after the thin fabric and overseas Vietnamese singer Tina The suddenly hot, thanks to the nude side of the dollar.

Recently, Ngoc Quyen model is becoming a hot topic on its pages and online forums. Ngoc Quyen nude pictures of the mountains, streams, trees ... propaganda aimed at environmental protection consciousness, disturbing public opinion. Some say the art of the images have not achieved the necessary threshold, yet felt the foot - good - fine, no soul and no transmission to people about the environment ...

The mixed reviews of the experts, environmental activists, has helped the audience ... Ngoc Quyen spiraling "dazzling shine." Before announcing the image, Ngoc Quyen was a model - a voice actor, but after the photo she mentioned a lot. Ngoc Quyen denied that "PR" but she herself could not prevent the prying eyes of the audience hard. They speak directly to the shocking nude Ngoc Quyen, but was shocked when it was easier to attract and the more popular attraction is easy. Others believe that nude is not necessarily new hook is that people care and environmental protection. Ngoc Quyen purpose of targeting is good, but maybe she's doing is not really convince people.

A nude picture of Ngoc Quyen environmental purposes

Stories of nude supermodels Ngoc Quyen and many other artists, like it or not, are and will be made syndrome nude strong influence for young people. Possible purpose of the nude is good but how do they make the stars, is no longer offends or require specialized care, in how thoroughly the work of each artist.

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